Claremont Institute Fellow Jack Murphy Tells White Supremacist That The Government Is ‘Coming For’ White People

On the Sept. 16, 2021 episode of his online show Restoring Order, white supremacist Patrick Casey interviewed extreme-right podcaster Jack Murphy. Murphy, whose real name is John Goldman, boasted of doing interviews with high-profile figures, and told Casey that the U.S. government was “coming for” white people.

Casey headed Identity Evropa, a white supremacist hate group that was instrumental in organizing the deadly 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA. Identity Evropa later rebranded as the American Identity Movement but disbanded last year.

Murphy told Casey that he is “very strategic in the guest list” for his podcast, Jack Murphy Live, and that “part of the fruits of that can be seen in me having the honor of being a 2021 Lincoln Fellow” at the Claremont Institute — an influential right-wing thinktank that opposes multiculturalism.

He added that he interviewed the president of the Claremont Institute, Ryan P. Williams, on the 19th episode of his podcast.

According to the Claremont Institute’s website, Murphy was the recipient of a Lincoln Fellowship this year. Other recipients included TPUSA founder and president Charlie Kirk, Pedro Gonzales of the far-right website American Greatness, and blackface-wearing Florida state representative Anthony Sabatini.

Casey praised one episode of Jack Murphy Live in particular: one in which Curtis Yarvin and Michael Anton were guests.

Yarvin, better known by the moniker “Mencius Moldbug,” is a racist and monarchist blogger who defended slavery and sympathized with Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik. Michael Anton, who served on the National Security Council under Trump, penned the infamous “Flight 93 Election” article.

(In May 2021, Anton interviewed Yarvin for his own podcast, The Stakes, where Yarvin pined for an American Caesar to take control of the country.)

When asked if any interviews stood out, Murphy referenced interviewees like pseudonymous far-right author “Bronze Age Pervert,” fascist-sympathizing radio host Jesse Kelly, and Kash Patel — the former chief of staff to the Acting U.S. Secretary of Defense under President Trump who was subpoenaed by the Jan. 6 committee.

“I had questions about [General] Milley, the Secretary of the Joint Chiefs. I had questions about the Afghanistan plan versus what was executed. I had questions about the legality of the OSHA vax mandates and the CDC foreclosure mandate, et cetera,” he said of his interview with Patel.

“And what a luxury it is to just be able to call up the guy that was at the Department of Defense, basically running the biggest organization we have — three million people — and ask him directly,” he boasted. “I don’t even have to speculate, I just have to be like ‘Excuse me, sir, chief of staff for the Department of Defense, could you please explain this?'”

Murphy also boasted that people like white nationalist Darren Beattie will “be on Tucker Carlson the night before for two minutes” and then “come on my show the next day and do 120 minutes.”

Later in the interview, Casey and Murphy began discussing the failures of the Trump administration — for example, creating policies via executive order which could be easily undone. Murphy chastised Republicans for focusing on tax cuts and instead recommended they focus on rooting out critical race theory from the government.

“Eradicating the takeover of critical race theory of our government operations should be perhaps the number one single thing that we do,” Murphy explained. “Because as long as our government is infected by that ideology — captured, stolen, taken over — everything that they do is going to be wrong. Everything.”

Murphy also lent credence to racist conspiracy theories by claiming that the U.S. government was “coming for” white people.

“If our government believes white people are the biggest problem we face in America, well then, white people, you got a problem. It’s called the United States government and they’re coming for you. And I hate talking about this, I’m not a racially-driven guy by any means whatsoever.”

“But, like, when they make it about race and they make it about my race, well then I’ve just been conscripted,” he added. “Race politics I’m uninterested in, but it’s very interested in me. And they’ve come at me. They’ve come at me. So there’s no avoiding it now.”

Murphy then compared the situation white people face to a form of “fourth generation warfare” in which there are “no distinctions between military and civilian anymore” and “every single one of us is a combatant.” He also referred to it as a “Third World War.”

Going off on a tangent, Murphy lauded Communists for pitting workers against the state, thereby “unit[ing] all these people around the world, irrespective of whatever nation that they live in.” He claimed that this is the approach he’s trying to take with masculinity through his organization, the Liminal Order.

“Masculine energy built our civilization. We need it. Without it it will crumble,” he asserted.

“And so if you can unite people around a common value like that that transcends national borders, well now you’ve got somethin’ just like the Communists. There’s a lot of lessons to be drawn from big people like that, from the Communists, from terror groups, and from other ideas and causes and such. Dissident groups.”