Harrison Smith: Decrease In America’s White Population Is Evidence Of ‘White Genocide’

The U.S. Census Bureau recently revealed that the white population “decreased by 8.6% since 2010.” On his Infowars show, The American Journal, host Harrison Smith reacted to the news by promoting the racist “white genocide” and “Great Replacement” conspiracy theories.

Smith also warned that white people will one day be a “despised minority.”

Smith began the segment by telling viewers that “white genocide is evident now,” and read from a Daily Mail article about the census data. He explained that “for the first time ever, the number of white people is actually decreased,” which is a “trend that, if it continues, we just won’t be here anymore.”

“Well, you know, a million white people die, you bring in a million Mexicans, population stays the same, it’s just replacement,” Smith said. “It’s just the Great Replacement. It’s just the U.N. plan of the Great Replacement. That’s all this is.”

The “Great Replacement” is a white supremacist conspiracy theory which claims that a group of people — usually Jews — is plotting to “replace” white people with immigrants of color. It has motivated multiple terrorist attacks, most notably in Christchurch, New Zealand and El Paso, Texas in 2019.

After reading from a Washington Post article which noted that by 2045 “there will no longer be a racial majority in the country,” Smith falsely stated that this was evidence of a “genocide” against white people.

“Now let’s be clear here, if this was happening to any other race in any other country it would be rightfully considered genocide,” he said. He added that if, in Cameroon, the number of Cameroonians was “decreasing” while the “number of foreigners” was “increasing” “you would call that ‘genocide.'”

Smith said that demographic changes aren’t “happening naturally,” and claimed that “they literally make propaganda to tell white people exclusively to not get pregnant and not have kids.” He didn’t specify what “propaganda” he was referring to or who made it.

He accused Planned Parenthood of being involved in this “genocide” of white people as well, stating that the nonprofit organization is “killing millions and millions of Americans, white and Black.” And he complained about white people who refuse to have children because they “hate their own race.”

“Like there’s something distinctly sick about that,” Smith said. “Distinctly disturbing about the effectiveness of propaganda. You want your own people and your own family, your own ancestors and your own offspring like just to be a despised minority in your own country.”

Smith also reiterated his opposition to the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act. The 1965 Act did away with the Immigration Act of 1924, which instituted national origin quotas aimed at keeping the U.S. majority white.

But don’t worry. After promoting several white supremacist ideas and arguments, Smith told his audience that he is not, in fact, a white nationalist — and even has nonwhite friends!

“Like I’m not a white nationalist. I’m not somebody that despises diversity. I actually really appreciate diversity. I grew up in Houston. Most of my best friends are not white to be honest with you, they’re Middle Eastern, they’re Hispanic. … It’s about races being targeted for extinction and eliminated.”