E. Michael Jones: Jews Are ‘Revolutionaries’ And Therefore ‘Cannot Be Citizens’

During a recent livestream, far-right self-styled theologian E. Michael Jones went on an antisemitic rant in which he asserted that Jews “cannot be citizens” of the United States. Jones also claimed Jewish members of Congress are “dual citizens,” and suggested “ghettos” as a solution for Jews who refuse to convert or assimilate.

Jones made the comments on the Apr. 11, 2021 episode of The Shrunken Head Ned Shoah, an online program which streams on Goyim TV — a video platform which serves as the media arm for the Neo-Nazi group Goyim Defense League.

During livestream, one guest, who goes by the moniker “Fascifist,” stated that Jews must “prove loyalty to America” rather than “Judea” — a term he used to describe the “nation” to which all Jews belong. This prompted Jones to cite the example of Jonathan Pollard, an ex-Navy analyst who spent three decades in prison after pleading guilty to spying for the Israeli government.

“We just had Jonathan Pollard pardoned, and Sheldon Adelson sends his jet, Jonathan Pollard flies over to Israel, greeted on the tarmac by Benjamin Netanyahu, and then within a month he announces ‘Yeah, sure, Jews have dual loyalty. That’s good! All Jews should be like me. They should betray their country,'” Jones said.

Pollard, who was released from prison in 2015 and moved to Israel in December 2020, did not receive a pardon. On Jan. 20, 2021, President Trump did, however, pardon Pollard’s handler, retired Israeli air force officer Aviem Sella.

Jones complained that if he had made the remarks he attributed to Pollard he would have been branded an “antisemite.”

“This has constantly been the problem here,” Jones said. “First of all, when we’re talking about Jews, we are talking about a totally unique group in all of the world and all of human history. There is only one group who used to be God’s chosen people, and that’s the Jews. No other group is like that.”

Jones then claimed that Jews in general have a “dual loyalty problem,” and that there are “dual citizens in Congress” — although he failed to elaborate on the latter point. Instead, he boasted of appearing on Press TV, an Iranian state-run news outlet, where he claimed “three rich Jews” were responsible for sinking the Iran nuclear deal.

Another guest, Bill Carlson — who has referred Jews as “Satan’s Chosen” on Twitter — asked Jones what the solution to this problem is. “Conversion,” Jones replied. “Conversion. That’s the only answer.” When pressed by Fascifist on how to deal with Jews who refused to convert or assimilate, Jones said “ghettos” were the answer.

“Fine. Fine, you put ’em in ghett…” Jones said before catching himself. “They put themselves in ghettos. You don’t have to put ’em in ghettos. … I love ghettos. I said they were called ‘ethnic neighborhoods’ when I was growing up. I think they’re great places. And I think the Jews naturally go into ghettos.”

Jones continued his rant by claiming that Jews had taken over the entire country in order to “make their values normative,” and make non-Jews accept “sodomy and abortion.”

Carlson suggested a return to Sicut Judaeis, a papal bull first issued by Pope Callixtus II in the 12th century in order to grant protection to the Jews. The papal bull was reaffirmed by subsequent popes, including Alexander III, who declared, among other things, that Jews should not be forcibly converted and Jewish cemeteries should not be desecrated.

Jones agreed but claimed that this general order of protection came with a caveat. While it meant that “no one has the right to harm a Jew,” Jones said, it also meant that “the Jew has no right to subvert your culture.” Jones called this a “successful formula.”

Fascifist added that, “in the context of modern nation states,” this would mean Jews who “refused to assimilate” would have their citizenship revoked. However, when he claimed that applying Sicut Judaeis in the modern world would mean a “reintroduction of the Nuremberg race laws,” Jones vehemently objected.

“No, that’s completely different. This has nothing to do with race,” Jones insisted. “It has nothing to do with race. It has to do with Jewish identity, which is the rejection of logos, and the Jewish revolutionary spirit. You cannot hire revolutionaries, okay, to teach your children if you wanna retain your children.”

After an anecdote about an attempt to remove a statue of King Louis IX — who oversaw the mass confiscation and destruction of copies of the Talmud in the 13th century — Jones bluntly stated that Jews cannot be considered citizens.

“If you’re a revolutionary you cannot be a citizen,” Jones exclaimed. “Jews are by definition revolutionaries and so therefore they cannot be citizens.”