Jason Köhne: The Only Question Is ‘How Tall’ William Luther Pierce’s Statue Will Be

On the July 10, 2019 episode of Going Free, host Jason Köhne was asked by a viewer for his thoughts on Dr. William Luther Pierce, the founder of the Neo-Nazi organization National Alliance. Köhne admitted to the viewer that he had spoken to Pierce at some point before he passed away in July 2002 of cancer, and praised Pierce for his work on behalf of “white well-being.”

Pierce was a member of George Lincoln Rockwell’s American Nazi Party until Rockwell’s death in 1967. In 1968 Pierce began working for Youth for Wallace, an organization dedicated to segregationist politician George Wallace’s presidential campaign. By 1970 he transformed the organization into the National Youth Alliance, which became the National Alliance in 1974.

In 1978 he published the infamous race war novel The Turner Diaries under the pseudonym Andrew MacDonald. The Turner Diaries would serve as an inspiration for white supremacist terrorists such as Robert Mathews — whose group, The Order, murdered Jewish talk show host Alan Berg in 1984 — and Timothy McVeigh, who masterminded the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing that left 168 people dead.

In 1989, Pierce published his second novel, Hunter, in which the protagonist, Oscar Yeager, embarks on a killing spree against Jews, journalists, and interracial couples. The book was inspired by serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin, who murdered as many as 22 people and paralyzed Hustler publisher Larry Flynt in 1978.

Hunter carries a dedication to Franklin who was executed in 2013.

Concerning Pierce’s legacy, Köhne remarked that the only “question is how tall will the statue be, when we regain our destiny.” Köhne went on to say that he “support[s] [Pierce] wherever he supported white well-being, in a way that comported with my morality, as is the case with all people out there in the white-positive sphere.”

Köhne did not elaborate during the livestream on what actions Pierce took that “comported with [his] morality” and which Köhne supported, nor did he disclose the nature of his conversations with Pierce.

When asked to elaborate,  Köhne informed me that he “support[s] protecting white children from ideas that we as a people are responsible for actions – real or imagined – of white individuals from the past.” When pressed for details, he told me he “believe[s] Pierce spoke on the subject of what teachers were being taught to teach our children during one or more of the broadcasts he used to make on the internet.”

Köhne told me that he emailed Pierce and told him to “focus on this issue.” He added that Pierce thanked him for the email and expressed his agreement with what Köhne wrote. He said this was his only correspondence with Pierce, and that it took place in “the last year of his life.”

Köhne also informed me that he prefers being referred to euphemistically as an “advocate for white wellbeing [sic].”

While he rejects the “white nationalist” label, it is important to note that his views on race mirror those of self-professed white nationalists. He has called the “thousand rapes of white women a year by non-white males” an ongoing “race war,” likened apartheid to taking in a homeless person and restricting their bathroom usage, and preached against the “danger” of “miscegenation.”

Later in the livestream Köhne was asked about another Neo-Nazi figure: the late Revilo P. Oliver. Once again he told viewers that “the only question to ask is how tall will the statue be for Revilo P. Oliver.”

Oliver, who died in 1994, referred to the Holocaust as a “filthy Holohoax,” decried the “snivel rights” movement, and called the Jewish people a “unique race, parasitic and predatory, evidently formed from hybrid stock.” Oliver worked with Pierce during the early years of the National Youth Alliance, according to the National Alliance website, and was a frequent contributor to the white supremacist Liberty Bell magazine.

Köhne told me that he “believe[s] Oliver addressed the specific effects” of what children are being taught “in an article.” The specific article to which he was referring was not named.

[The following clips are from a nearly 4 hour livestream.]