Headlines — 07/31/19

Ronald Reagan referred to Africans as “monkeys” in a conversation with Richard Nixon, the Gilroy shooter promoted a far-right book, Identity Dixie leaders helped plan the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally, and more.

Hatewatch – Identity Dixie leaders helped plan deadly rally.
The Atlantic – Ronald Reagan’s long-hidden racist conversation with Richard Nixon.
Media Matters – Alleged Gilroy shooter promoted a favorite book of far-right message boards.
Right Wing Watch – Paul Joseph Watson: ‘I hate conspiracy theories.’
Think Progress – Kris Kobach releases racist video to disprove racism allegations.
The Daily Beast – Gilroy Garlic Festival shooter posted about far-right book moments before shooting.
HuffPost – Donald Trump claims Baltimore is ‘worse than Honduras.’
Splinter – Just try to understand this NYT editor’s racist, incoherent Twitter thread.
VICE News – Stephen Miller is trying to stop migrants from getting past the first step in the asylum process, report says.