Jason Köhne: White Women Are The ‘Finest Creatures On Planet Earth’ Because They ‘Give Birth To White Men’

It’s no surprise that white nationalists’ views on gender and sexuality are as regressive as their views on race. Some have claimed that feminism will force men to purchase sexbots. Others have defended domestic abusers and suggested women shouldn’t vote. Some even advocate rape and defend sexual predators.

Still, even white nationalists on the less extreme end of the spectrum — as far as misogyny is concerned — have views that are, at best, downright creepy. Take the July 10, 2019 episode of Going Free, in which the host, white nationalist Jason Köhne, imparted some unorthodox wisdom to his audience.

Köhne lamented that “our finest men have gone off to war and died and either not produced or reproduced too few offspring,” and claimed that white women have been “trained” to marry and have children with “inferior versions of our men.” He said that this resulted in “a lower level, a less intelligent, a less industrious, a less glorious white person.”

Then he offered some, shall we say, questionable praise for white women.

Calling it an “absolutely profound thought,” Köhne said that there “is nothing greater on planet Earth than a white woman” — and the reason is pretty much what one would expect. “But with the constellation of all that is good about our white women, there is one thing that they can do that makes them truly the finest creatures on planet Earth: and that is, they can give birth to white men,” he boasted.

Later in the episode Köhne gave some additional insight on marriage and procreation, angrily telling viewers that “there is a danger to miscegenation.” Köhne said that “only white women can have white babies, and if they’re not producing babies with white men, they’re not white babies.” Hope that clears things up, ladies.

[The following clips are from a 4 hour livestream.]