Headlines — 3/17/19

Parsing the New Zealand shooter’s manifesto for motives and misdirection, Neo-Nazi videos persist on YouTube, Rush Limbaugh calls the Christchurch massacre a false flag, and more.

HuffPost – These are the victims of the New Zealand mosque shooting.
bellingcat – Shitposting, inspirational terrorism, and the Christchurch mosque massacre.
Right Wing Watch – It happened again.
ProPublica – Despite crackdowns, white supremacist and neo-Nazi videos take stubborn root on YouTube.
The Washington Post – The accused New Zealand shooter and an all-white Europe that never existed.
Slate – New Zealand mosque attacker suspect flashes “white power” sign in court.
The Daily Beast – New Zealand mosque shooting suspect used Swedish girl’s death as a license to kill.
Hatewatch – After New Zealand shooting, far-right, racists claim victimhood, hail killer as hero.
Media Matters – Rush Limbaugh suggests New Zealand shootings might be a false flag attack committed by a leftist to smear conservatives.
Think Progress – Trump calls immigration at southwest border an ‘invasion,’ echoing New Zealand gunman’s rhetoric.