The 40 Most Rotten People Of 2020

Yes, this is late. Unfortunately a lot of stuff has come up between December and now that set this end-of-the-year piece back. Still, I want to commemorate 2020 — which was marked by fires, pestilence, murder hornets, quarantines, and an election that had us pulling out our hair for fucking months. So in honor of the worst year on record, I present the people who helped make it so terrible in the first place.

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Random Headlines — 11/09/15

University of Missouri Protest

Salon – Mizzou’s boycott victory can’t be dismissed as just another ‘campus p.c. culture’ controversy.
Media Matters – Rush Limbaugh says the University of Missouri president resigned for ‘committing the crime of being a white male.’
Right Wing Watch – Newt Gingrich says Congress must block protections for transgender students.
Truthout – Conservatives abandon children in need while forcing women to have children.
Think Progress – The devious new conservative plan to turn LGBT people against each other.
KIRO Seattle – Former pastor says red cups means Starbucks ‘hates Jesus.’
AmericaBlog – Ben Carson’s ‘proof’ for story about hoax psychology exam is literally parody.