New Zealand ‘Identitarian’ Group Shutters After Christchurch Massacre

Yesterday, 28-year-old Brenton Tarrant, an Australian white supremacist, slaughtered 50 worshipers at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. According to his manifesto, Tarrant was motivated by the myth of “white genocide” and inspired by fellow white supremacist terrorist Anders Breivik, whose blessing Tarrant allegedly received for the attack.

Both his 74-page manifesto, dripping with irony and hatred for racial and religious minorities, and his livestreamed video of the massacre have been scrubbed from social media. But websites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Reddit weren’t the only ones hastily deleting material after the shooting.

The Dominion Movement, a New Zealand “identitarian” group similar to Identity Evropa, announced that it was going dark over the bloodbath in Christchurch. According to a message posted on the group’s website, the Dominion Movement “condemn[ed] the events in Christchurch” and never had “any communication or association with the perpetrator.”

Nonetheless, it continued, “In light of the atmosphere which is emerging in the wake of these events, it will be impossible for the Dominion Movement to continue our work. We will be ceasing all operations immediately.” It added that the group’s website would continue to stay online for “a few days” before “shutting down permanently.”

According to an archived version of an article titled “The Dominion Movement: A Primer,” the group was a “grass-roots identitarian activist organisation committed to the revitalisation of our country and our people: White New Zealanders.” Like Tarrant, the Dominion Movement claimed to value the environment, stating that the “protection of the natural world is one of the greatest inter-generational duties we have.”

It goes on to say that “New Zealand faces a great number of threats, both domestically and internationally,” and names a series of “malicious forces” including “predatory Chinese speculators,” “[c]ultural Marxist[s]” who “advocate for dangerous and repulsive causes like transgenderism and mass immigration,” and politicians who “betray their country to foreign powers and big business for peanuts.”

In an August 9, 2018 article, the group lamented the cancellation of a scheduled speech by white nationalists Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux. “With the cancellation of the Molyneux/Southern speaking event in Auckland this last week, it is now easy to see the new model of speech suppression emerging,” it said. According to that “model,” the “left” announces plans to protest the event and the venue cancels it over safety concerns.

Like Identity Evropa (now rebranded as the American Identity Movement), Dominion Movement members often participated in banner drops and put up stickers and flyers advertising their group. The banners bore the group’s logo, the long-extinct Haast’s eagle, and the slogan “Family – Community – Nation”:

Dominion Banner

Dominion Posters

In a February 2019 episode of The Convict Report, an Australian alt-right podcast hosted on both The Right Stuff and The Dingoes, Dominion Movement co-founder Johan Wolfe made a guest appearance. Wolfe explained his journey to white nationalism, telling the hosts that he was tired of being “beaten over the head” about “hating” himself for being white. He added that he “descended into ironic humor that slowly, over time, became less ironic.”

The show’s main host, Gustav, remarked that “there are differences between Maori people and aboriginal people in terms of behavior and temperament,” and asked what traits a “caricature” of an aboriginal person might have. Responses included “alcoholism,” “domestic violence,” “child abuse,” “laziness,” and “mental illness.” Wolfe said Maoris “have a lot higher agency” than aborigines, but that they possess an “attitude of thuggishness.”

Wolfe also fearmongered about how “China is taking over New Zealand.” He claimed that, “They are, as a policy, sending colonists here that, they do not integrate because they’re here to colonize this country. … These people are going to take over the country.” He also lamented that “everyone’s [considered] a Kiwi” — not just Anglo-Saxons and, sometimes, Maoris — and that “if you step off of the boat on a six-month work visa you’re a Kiwi.”

The Dingoes Twitter

After the massacre, the official Dingoes website went down, and their Twitter account was locked. Every episode of The Convict Report was scrubbed from The Right Stuff as well. Perhaps they were concerned that a link would be drawn between them and the shooter — a shitposting Internet troll who was fond of an alt-right meme used by the Dingoes, which depicts a stereotypical caricature of an Australian man.

Only time will tell if a more significant connection exists between Tarrant and the Dominion Movement, the Dingoes, or other white supremacist groups.