Headlines — 3/14/19

Unearthed recordings reveal the extent of Tucker Carlson’s bigotry, Daily Shoah co-host Alex McNabb gets fired, the president threatens violence against his political enemies, and more.

Media Matters – In unearthed audio, Tucker Carlson makes numerous misogynistic and perverted comments.
HuffPost – White supremacist podcaster fired from job as EMT in Virginia.
Right Wing Watch – Religious Right activist turns up in leaked white nationalist chatroom.
The Intercept – The Department of Justice loves publicizing arrests of alleged terrorists — but not the white nationalist Coast Guard officer.
The Atlantic – White nationalism’s deep American roots.
Media Matters – White nationalists rally behind Tucker Carlson: “Heil Tucker.”
The Nation – The man with the SS tattoo.
Splinter – Just the president threatening to unleash waves of violence on his political rivals.
Think Progress – Republicans don’t want to curb anti-Semitism; they want to weaponize it.
GQ Magazine – Jexodus and why the GOP isn’t getting the Jewish vote anytime soon.