A Handful Of Neo-Nazis Staged An ‘It’s Okay To Be White March’ In New Jersey. It Was A Flop.

On November 17, 2018, several anonymous white supremacists met up in Princeton, NJ. All of them obscured their faces using a combination of hats, bandannas, sunglasses, and silver duct tape. All carried placards that read “It’s Okay To Be White” — the slogan popularized last year by racist Internet trolls.

All told, 6 members of the so-called “Jersey Goys” — including the cameraman — had gathered for what they called an “It’s OK to be White” march. The goal of this march, according to the cameraman, was to protest the supposedly unfair treatment of whites, particularly the banning of alt-right figures on Twitter and YouTube.

“Well folks, we’re out here today because as white men we do not have the right to freedom of speech,” the cameraman said incorrectly. “And we’re out here because we wanna spread the word that it’s okay to be white. These brave men came out in the sole cause of defending the right to free speech and the right for it’s okay for us to be white.”

As they trekked across the snow and slush-covered sidewalks of Princeton, silently holding their 4chan-inspired signs, very few passersby interacted with them. And what little interaction they did have was universally negative.

One man who walked by with his family called their stunt “unnecessary.” “It’s okay to be white, sir,” the cameraman whispered back. Another man turned around and gave them the bird. “Fuck you Nazis,” he told them before walking away. One of the Neo-Nazi marchers insisted that they weren’t really Nazis — just Americans.

IOTBW Marchers 1

And one woman decided to record them back, repeatedly asking them questions about what they were doing and why. “Why are you wearing masks?” she asked. “What in this country is telling you it’s not okay to be white?” She was met with silence, but continued needling them.

“So you’re not gonna back up what you’re saying, you’re gonna wear masks, obviously you’re not proud of what you’re doing.”

As the “It’s Okay To Be White” marchers bravely fled, the woman continued to tail them. “You’re not gonna say what group you’re from — nothin?” she inquired. “Do you live in Princeton?” The cameraman began whispering inaudibly to himself, and one of the marchers could be heard mumbling an order to “film her.”

IOTBW Marchers 2

Setting aside the uniformly negative reaction from the public, the entire stunt was plagued with problems. The cameraman was apparently unable to make his phone film the event in landscape mode, telling his friends he’d “flip it sideways but it doesn’t let me.”

And near the end of their 40 minute livestream he complained that the phone was down to 14% power. And the video has since been placed in a restrictive state by YouTube, citing complaints that it was “inappropriate or offensive.”

Not that it mattered, considering hardly anyone was watching anyway. “19 views, two likes. C’mon you goys,” the cameraman said breathlessly. “That ain’t enough!” When you can’t even energize your own side, maybe it’s time to just throw in the towel already.

Of course this isn’t the only “It’s Okay To Be White” march that white supremacists have been holding. As Subcomandante X wrote in an article for Medium, these marches were the brainchild of Neo-Nazi loser Patrick Little, who instructed people to duct tape their mouths and hold signs or wear clothes saying “It’s Okay To Be White.”

H/T Subcomandante X.