James Allsup Joins Fellow White Supremacists In Grotesque Rant Against Interracial Relationships

During the October 27, 2018 episode of The Third Rail, white supremacist James Allsup condemned interracial relationships, blaming them for the murder of a white college student named Lauren McCluskey. McCluskey was killed by her ex-boyfriend, a black man named Melvin Rowland, after she broke up with him on October 9 because he lied about his age and criminal record.

Although McCluskey had complained to university police that Rowland had begun harassing her since the break-up, the university took no action.

Because the victim was white and the perpetrator — who ultimately committed suicide — was black, the panelists on The Third Rail criticized McCluskey for dating a black man, as well as her parents for allowing her to do so. Allsup, a member of the hate group Identity Evropa who was elected to a small but influential position with the Whitman County GOP, implied that McCluskey should have known that Rowland had a criminal record because he was black.

Allsup brought up the fact that Rowland had apparently blackmailed McCluskey with revenge porn, and claimed she didn’t want the photos to get out because she was secretly ashamed of dating a black man:

I’m curious about what the pictures were, because if the pictures depict her engaged in sex acts with this guy, she probably rightly understands, innately, that if those pictures get out that’s going to be very damaging for her, right? Every time someone Googles her name, the Google images are gonna be her and this black guy engaged in sexual activities. And she understands implicitly, that despite all of the virtue signaling, despite all of the racial apologetics, despite the white guilt that she was trying to atone for by dating this guy, she still recognizes the basic fact that women who date black men are incredibly undesirable in the future for white guys. So it’s sorta funny how, even though she was so convinced that this was the morally righteous thing to do — dating this guy — when she’s faced with the threat of being exposed, of their sexual relationship being exposed, she immediately is like, “Okay, how much do you want to not reveal this?”

[Emphasis added]

And Lauritz von Guildhausen, one of the co-hosts of The Third Rail, even joked that while McCluskey was a rising track star, Rowland “fast-tracked her right into the grave” — a joke that the other panelists chuckled at.

Von Guildhausen admitted that he didn’t care about McCluskey’s death, and lamented that “our young girls are not being taught the right lessons” — that is, to avoid non-white men. Spectre, another co-host, agreed, saying that McCluskey’s parents “failed her,” especially her father, for never giving her “the talk” about black men. Von Guildhausen added that she “was never allowed to act” on the racist “instincts” they believe all white people secretly share.

“You know, this is probably, in terms of just pure examples that I’ve come across now in my few years in this thing, this is well into the fourth, possibly even the fifth digit of white girl victims,” von Guildhausen said. “And at this stage, I’m not even — it just doesn’t inspire [in me] the sort of visceral anger anymore, it’s more like a force of nature. You burn the coal, you will pay the toll. Believe me.”

“Coal burner” is a derogatory term used by white supremacists to describe white women who have sexual relationships with black men. The racist slogan “burn the coal, pay the toll” is used to describe white women who are abused or murdered by their black partners.

Von Guildhausen continued, stating that white women in relationships with black men are “lucky to get away with a few black eyes, maybe a detached retina or a broken nose,” and that “if you’re slightly less fortunate, you’re gonna have — you’re gonna give birth to excrement, and have to raise it.” “On your own, of course,” Spectre interjected. “Of course,” said von Guildhausen. “If you roll really low in that lottery, you’re just gonna end up dead.”

Allsup complained that McCluskey’s murder was “being presented as a case of, oh, male aggression or male misogyny.” Instead, Allsup suggested the root cause of the problem was the innate violence of black men — ignoring the violence perpetrated against women by all other men, regardless of race, including by self-proclaimed “incels” like Scott Beierle and Alek Minassian. In fact, the panelists simply dismissed violence by white men out of hand as something that was not problematic.

One of the guests, a person going by the name John Q. Publius, hysterically claimed that it was “literally lethal” for white women to date black men. Allsup mocked McCluskey’s mother as a “shitlib,” and suggested that the next time she has a daughter she tell her to “date a white guy” instead.

Of course it’s painfully obvious that none of them care about McCluskey’s death, and, had the perpetrator been white, they never would have mentioned it. All victims like McClaskey and Mollie Tibbetts — the young woman recently murdered by an immigrant — are good for, in the eyes of white supremacists like Allsup, is advancing their racist agenda. As the hosts of The Daily Shoah said of Tibbetts, it doesn’t matter what her family wants, as long as they can “use this as part of our propaganda.”