Alt-Right Radio Hosts Discuss The Best Way To Exploit Mollie Tibbetts’ Murder For Their ‘Propaganda’

During the 334th episode of The Daily Shoah, hosts Mike Peinovich, Jesse Dunstan, Alex McNabb, and Jayoh de la Rey talked openly about how they could use the murder of 20-year-old Mollie Tibbetts to further their “propaganda.” Several days ago news broke that 24-year-old Cristhian Rivera, an immigrant, had been charged by Iowa authorities with the first-degree murder of Tibbetts, who had been missing since July 18.

Tibbetts was outspoken about her liberal beliefs — something that the Shoah’s “Death Panel” believed they could use to their advantage in pushing for white supremacist immigration policies. Peinovich called Tibbetts’ beliefs “stupid” and “naïve,” and said her family members — who publicly stated they refuse to scapegoat all Mexican immigrants for her death — are “shitty” and “disgusting,” accusing them of not wanting to “sacrifice their status by showing any anger” over her death.

Nevertheless, he said, they “will use this as part of our propaganda, and we actually — it helps us that she was liberal, that she had these liberal beliefs and that her family does because it shows people, it makes people enraged against that belief set.” He said that when people see that her relatives are “disgusting people” — or “fucking traitors to her memory” as Jayoh de la Rey put it — it will “make people irate” with anti-racists.

After Peinovich read a tweet by one of Tibbetts’ cousins, which blasted TPUSA Director of Communications Candace Owens as a “snake” for exploiting the murder, the hosts had a meltdown. “Fuck you,” de la Rey snapped. Peinovich claimed he tweeted at “this bitch” that “It’s not up to you. It’s not your decision.” “You’ve shown that you don’t have the ability to make good decisions!” de la Rey added angrily. “We cannot leave this in your hands! You’re the sort of person that invites rapist murderers into your cousin’s fucking town!”

“You don’t get a say here,” Peinovich continued. “You forfeited your right — you claiming that, I mean this is the same thing they were telling us with Kate Steinle. The family wants everyone to be quiet — well it’s not up to them! Because this is about more than them!” Dunstan justified ignoring the wishes of the slain women’s loved ones by stating that there “are other families that don’t wanna go through this,” while Peinovich said that if more ICE raids were conducted they would still be alive.