Alt-Right Radio Hosts Want Military To Keep ‘Brown People Out Of The United States’

White supremacists and others on the far-right have been increasingly paranoid about a so-called migrant caravan making its way from Honduras to the United States. According to BBC News, the caravan began on October 12th in the city of San Pedro Sula, where 160 people set off on their trek to “escape unemployment and the threat of violence in their home country.”

By the next day the number of people in the caravan swelled to 1,000 and, according to a U.N. spokesperson, to 7,000 by October 22nd. However, the group has reportedly “split up,” with some migrants having reached Tapachula, Mexico and others still at the Guatemala-Mexico border.

While a “newly formed group” of 1,000 Hondurans is currently headed for the U.S., another 3,000 have reportedly turned back. As the BBC noted, the “hot weather means sunburn and dehydration are a constant risk,” and migrants “have been sleeping on the streets or in makeshift camps and there is a lack of clean water and sanitation.”

Still, as with the arrival of unaccompanied minors from Central America and the outbreak of Ebola from 2014, dangerous myths are being propagated by the Right in an effort to stir up fears before the midterm elections.

The fake news site Gateway Pundit warned of an “invasion” of “[t]housands of military aged, virile mostly Honduran males.” Rep. Matt Gaetz hinted that Jewish financier George Soros might have organized or funded the caravan. President Trump offered his own flavor of bigotry to this concoction, falsely claiming that the caravan might have been infiltrated by “unknown Middle Easterners.”

White supremacists like the hosts of The Right Stuff’s Fash the Nation are getting the message loud and clear: wealthy Jews are paying for a horde of non-whites to cross our border, rape and murder white women, and simultaneously steal our jobs and collect our welfare.

Ethnarch, a substitute host, said that deploying the military to the border would be “good,” but that “what we need is to forward deploy” and embed our Special Forces in Mexico in order to repel these refugees.

“And that’s what really needs to happen is that, not only do we need to have the military at the border as they were for 100 years previously in the United States, but we actually need to forward deploy,” he said, adding that if we can forward deploy in Germany, Korea, Syria, and Africa we can do so in Mexico.

Fash the Nation host Jazzhands McFeels claimed that this is what “the cartels and the NGOs fear the most because human trafficking is now far more profitable than moving cocaine and heroin.”

Ethnarch replied by saying the U.S. should wage war against the “narcos” — which he said are allied with the “J-Left globalist elite” — and “classify all the people involved in this process as irregular forces” and hit them with cruise missiles. McFeels stated that he has “no problem with a military industrial complex that is aimed at keeping brown people out of the United States.”

McFeels called the Honduran refugees an “invasionary force” and “people who want to come here for the gibs” — that is, benefits. “And even if you wanna make the argument that, yeah, their shithole sucks and they just wanna get out of there — that’s not our problem. White people are not going to be chased around the planet by these dependents who wreck and destroy our society.”