Paul Nehlen Says The Nazis Were Right To Burn The Talmud

On the October 20, 2018 episode of The Political Cesspool, Wisconsin Neo-Nazi and failed congressional candidate Paul Nehlen updated James Edwards on the state of his, ahem, career. When asked what he’s up to, and whether his poisonous views cost him business relationships, Nehlen said: “I would say no because there’s so much business out there.”

Nehlen also claimed that there “may be some friendships that were lost along the way,” but that “there were many more made.” Yes, long-lasting friendships with Jew-hating, Dylann Roof-worshiping fanatics who Photoshop bowl cuts on their avatars. Even the rest of the alt-right has abandoned Paul Nehlen.

And to show just how successful and stable his life is on “God’s path,” Nehlen immediately changed the subject to the anti-Semitic bile he routinely posts on Facebook. He told Edwards that he doesn’t “post anything to Facebook” that he doesn’t “check out firsthand.” You know, things like this: 

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He then said he had no idea what the Talmud — the record of rabbinic teachings — was, but that he “heard all these terrible things being written in the Talmud.” Some portions of the Talmud have been interpreted as anti-Christian and, therefore, blasphemous. This in turn has fueled centuries of anti-Jewish sentiment.

In 1240, for example, Nicholas Donin — a Jewish convert to Christianity — successfully argued that the Talmud contained blasphemous references to Jesus and Mary in what became known as the Disputation of Paris. As a result, “wagon-loads handwritten volumes of the Talmud” were incinerated in Paris in 1242 and 1244. In 1553, a similar book burning took place in Rome.

Nehlen said he purchased all “twenty-some volumes” of the Talmud, “read some of it,” and called its contents “despicable.” He added that, “It’s no wonder that the Nazis — the books the Nazis were burning, they were Talmuds. They were pornography. They weren’t burnin’ math and science books. Are these people outta their mind? They were burning books that were absolutely tearin’ their culture apart.”

Nehlen went on to say that the Talmud “ought to be burned” because it’s “horrific what they have written about Jesus Christ and about the followers of Christ in this book, and what they write about the Gentiles.” Nehlen might be an awful politician and a worse human being, but apparently he would’ve made an excellent inquisitor.