Pat Dollard, Former Breitbart Contributor, is an Outspoken White Nationalist


Previously this blog (along with others, including Media Matters) exposed Breitbart contributor Virginia Hale as a white nationalist with a long history of racist and Islamophobic rhetoric. Continue reading “Pat Dollard, Former Breitbart Contributor, is an Outspoken White Nationalist”

Paul Ramsey Applauds Donald Trump’s Refusal to Apologize to Gold Star Family

He’s even begun copying Trump’s skin tone.

Democrats and Republicans alike were appalled by Donald Trump’s attacks on Khizr and Ghazala Khan — Muslim Americans whose son, CPT. Humayun Khan was killed in battle in 2004. Trump, aggravated that Khize Khan rightfully accused him of having “sacrificed nothing and no one” during his speech at the DNC, fired back, baselessly asserting that Ghazala wasn’t allowed to speak because of her religion. (Actually she didn’t speak at the DNC because she was too upset to do so.) Trump, characteristically, hasn’t backed down and, in fact, dug in his heels even more. Many Trump fans, including white nationalist video blogger Paul Ramsey, cheered on Trump’s embarrassing, childlike behavior. Continue reading “Paul Ramsey Applauds Donald Trump’s Refusal to Apologize to Gold Star Family”

Breitbart Continues to Push Refugee Gang-Rape Hoax

Breitbart Article
Friends don’t let friends share this bullshit.

A shocking June 23, 2016 article for, Katie McHugh revealed that the “Muslim Iraqi and Sudanese migrant families whose male children stripped a white, five-year-old Idaho girl naked, sexually assaulted her, and urinated in her mouth while filming their attack have been evicted from their apartment complex.” I say shocking not because of the details of the crime, but rather because the crime itself appears to be an utter fabrication by right wing news outlets and fringe conspiracy websites. Continue reading “Breitbart Continues to Push Refugee Gang-Rape Hoax”

White Nationalists Rejoice as the UK Votes for Brexit

Nigel Farage
UKIP Leader Nigel Farage

After a bare majority of the UK’s population voted in favor of Brexit — the referendum on whether Britain should remain a part of the European Union — UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage swiftly declared victory. “We’ve fought against the multinationals, the merchant banks and big politics’ lies corruption and deceit,” Farage declared, adding that they achieved victory “without having to fire a single bullet” — perhaps purposefully omitting the savage murder of British MP Jo Cox at the hands of Thomas “Britain first!” Mair. Mr. Farage isn’t the only one celebrating Britain’s “independence” from the European Union, however. Legions of white nationalists lit up social media with calls for the dissolution of the EU and for an all-white homeland.

Continue reading “White Nationalists Rejoice as the UK Votes for Brexit”

Andrew Anglin Claims ‘Brown People’ are Coming to Take ‘Our Women’; Explains His Taylor Swift Meme

Andrew Anglin

Andrew Anglin, the neo-Nazi founder of The Daily Stormer, recently appeared on David Duke’s radio program to discuss, of all things, the dwindling polar bear population and the alt-right’s fixation with pop star Taylor Swift. The “white bear supremacist” is, apparently, the newest meme Anglin is trying to foist upon the Internet, and basically consists of comparing the plight of the polar bear to the supposed genocide of white people. Continue reading “Andrew Anglin Claims ‘Brown People’ are Coming to Take ‘Our Women’; Explains His Taylor Swift Meme”

White Nationalists Laud the Anti-Refugee Message of…’The Angry Birds Movie’

Angry Birds Muslim
Image from The Daily Stormer

When I heard there was going to be an animated Angry Birds movie — based on the app of the same name in which you hurl birds at their pig enemies by way of a large sling shot — I knew I would have no desire to see it. I saw it as just another in a long line of movies to cash in on video games, many of which have little or no plot. (Case in point, there’s a Tetris movie in the works.) What makes the Angry Birds movie interesting is that, despite its 43% rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, it seems to have acquired the unlikely fandom of the white nationalist community due to what they see as its strong anti-immigrant theme. Continue reading “White Nationalists Laud the Anti-Refugee Message of…’The Angry Birds Movie’”