David Duke And Eric Striker Defend Louis Farrakhan’s Anti-Semitic ‘Termite’ Remark

On the October 18, 2018 episode of The David Duke Show, the ex-Klan leader and his guest Eric Striker defended a recent anti-Semitic comment by Nation of Islam (NOI) leader Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan, who blames Jews for the transatlantic slave trade, claimed in a recent speech — a clip of which he posted to Twitter — that he is “not an anti-Semite” but “anti-termite.”

In spite of the outrage, Twitter refused to remove the tweet or suspend Minister Farrakhan’s account. According to a Twitter spokesperson, the social media platform’s inaction is due to the fact that its ban on dehumanizing language has not yet been enacted. (Facebook, on the other hand, removed the post.)

Striker, a Neo-Nazi who once contributed to The Daily Stormer and now hosts a podcast for The Right Stuff, denounced the “cucks” who criticized Farrakhan and praised him as “the only major black figure that actually defended Kanye West when he met with Trump.” Striker concluded that “criticism of Jews is more pertinent to the official conservative movement than any other factor.”

Duke also defended Farrakhan by claiming that his critics single out his anti-white statements while ignoring the “vicious anti-white comments” of all other black leaders. The reason, Duke said, was because Farrakhan’s NOI has much in common with white nationalists, and the two groups can actually “talk” and “make arrangements to preserve both people.”

As for Farrakhan’s “termite” remark, Duke said that Jews reacted the way they did because they must have “realized they’re termites.”

What Farrakhan meant — in Duke’s interpretation — is that he just opposes “Jews, or anyone else, that bore into a society like termites bore into a home — the termites in media, and politics, and money control — and they promote their own Jewish, tribal supremacy, and the devastating wars and social decay and destruction” that will “bring down” the U.S. and Europe.

Striker claimed that “if someone declares themselves an enemy of termites, and you get offended, that says more about you than it does the person talking.” It appears that, for a Neo-Nazi, Striker has a short memory as it pertains to the Nazi regime’s anti-Semitic propaganda, which routinely likened Jews to germs, insects, spiders, rodents, and snakes.

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Duke then suggested that Louis Farrakhan probably “got that [termite analogy] from me,” since he — or one of his co-hosts — coined the term “Ziomite.” “The anti-termitism is very disturbing, it’s all I’ll say,” added Striker.