Lana Lokteff Can’t Stop Attacking Interracial Couples

In a June 2018 video for Red Ice TV, white nationalist Lana Lokteff condemned interracial couples as a manifestation of “white genocide” — and one that is even “more devious than blatant in-your-face mass murdering.” After receiving numerous complaints that the video violated YouTube’s terms of service, it was placed into a limited state, but was not removed.

However, judging by a new video released yesterday by Lokteff, the radio host still hasn’t gotten over the backlash. In the nearly nine minute video, titled “I Was Wrong About Interracial Relationships,” Lokteff sarcastically told viewers she had changed her mind because “some beautiful and brave mixed-race couples” were “really hurt” by the original video.

She said she was “really disappointed at first” by her video being placed in a limited state where it could no longer be shared or commented on, but that it “really made me think.” “The last four months I’ve come to see the light,” she continued. “YouTube was right. When you’re woke, it’s a liberating, higher experience.”

She added that white people who have children “who look like them” are “upholding and propogating white supremacy,” and that the only way to stop it is to “encourage white people to become a shade of brown.”

A little later in the video she addressed advertisements that featured interracial couples. “I get it now, it’s not propaganda, it’s not subversive — they’re just trying to ease us into letting go of an old, outdated view that we just don’t want anymore,” she said. One myth embraced by alt-righters like Lokteff is that the depiction of mixed-race couples in ads is an attempt by Jews to brainwash white people.

According to one white supremacist blog, “Few believe that interracial advertising under the guise of ‘diversity’ is about selling clothes or laundry detergent or cereal. The real purpose of mixed race advertising is to present a distorted worldview, to humiliate, to mock whites, and to make complacent.”

Toward the end of the video, Lokteff advised viewers to marry and have children with non-whites — particularly “strong, capable, intelligent and sexy migrants” — and joked that she herself would do the same. “Anyway, I’m seriously considering adopting more children from Africa, maybe a sperm donor so I can have the mixed-race baby I secretly always wanted,” she sneered. “I just have to talk my white husband into it.”