‘Fash The Nation’ Hosts Praise The Separation Of Migrant Families, Say Asylum Should Be Granted To Whites Only

On the June 16, 2016 episode of The Right Stuff’s Fash the Nation podcast, hosts Jazzhands McFeels and Marcus Halberstram celebrated the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy on undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers. The pair were particularly fond of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ tactic of separating children from their parents and stuffing them in cages.

McFeels justified this inhumane policy by claiming that there “aren’t that many good options” and that their “preference would be to just turn these people away.” Halberstram said this “does need to be done,” and cited the example of an undocumented immigrant who was reported to ICE after delivering a pizza to the Ft. Hamilton Army base as a reason.

Pablo Villavicencio entered the U.S. in 2008 and was granted a voluntary departure in 2009 but failed to comply. Since then he married and had two children, ages 3 and 2. Halberstram said these harsh tactics provide an “actually functioning disincentive for these people” — people like Villavicencio, whom Halberstram called a “shitty motherfucker.”

“All of these people,” McFeels exclaimed, “they’re advocating for catch and release, which is basically if you get across the border, you never have to go back, because you don’t have to show up for your court date, and you will be housed somewhere in the United States, you’ll be given a bunch of gibs [handouts] from charities and the government, and that’s what they’re advocating for.”

“It doesn’t matter how nice the detention centers would be, they would still make them seem like concentration camps,” he continued, adding that the only alternative to concentration camps would be “open borders.”

Halberstram agreed with his co-host, and claimed that during the days of “catch-and-release,” undocumented immigrants would skip their court dates “90%” of the time. In 2014 the nonpartisan fact-checking website PolitiFact rated this claim as “false,” and traced the origin of the claim to a NewsMax article, which in turn cited an anonymous “senior Los Angeles County Sheriff’s detective who routinely deals with illegal immigrants.”

McFeels also praised Sessions for ending asylum for victims of domestic and gang violence. Although granting asylum in such cases has no doubt saved many lives, McFeels called this “equally insidious,” and said there “isn’t asylum from husbando.” He also said “they’re trying to morph the definition” of asylum in order to include people whose “feet hurt.”

“We’re not going to become a waste management processing facility,” McFeels said angrily. “It’s literally a landfill. I am not joking, from the Washington Examiner: 54% of alien children, teens on welfare. Nearly half for adults. I mean, this is not our problem. This is not our problem. And it doesn’t improve over subsequent generations.”

And while he’s not a fan of granting asylum to South and Central Americans who legitimately fear being murdered by spouses or violent gang members, McFeels does believe that some groups should still be granted asylum: white people.

Specifically, he believes anti-Muslim extremist Tommy Robinson, whose legal case has become the latest far-right cause célèbre. Oh and white South Africans too, because white nationalists will never stop lying about “white genocide” taking place against Afrikaners. In other words, reject the people who are actually fleeing violence while bringing in anyone who happens to be white.