Headlines — 6/23/18

Right-wing media is now mimicking alt-right podcasts, the Italian Deputy Prime Minister talks of “cleansing” minorities and immigrants, Hungary passes its xenophobic “Stop Soros” law, and more.

Media Matters – Everything right-wing media tried to blame for the Trump administration’s family separation policy.
The Intercept – Separating migrant families is barbaric. It’s also what the U.S. has been doing to people of color for hundreds of years.
Think Progress – Protesters wake Kirstjen Nielson with audio of detained children outside her house.
BuzzFeed News – Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister once talked about ‘cleansing’ the Roma and migrants.
Task & Purpose – The Marine Neo-Nazi will likely be thrown out, we just don’t know how yet.
HuffPost – Antwon Rose police shooting sparks second night of Pittsburgh protests.
The Daily Dot – The Trump administration is waging a war on people with disabilities.
Raw Story – Fox News host claims some black people told her detention centers were nicer than the projects.
The Nation – How did Vietnam transform white supremacy?
Right Wing Watch – Conservative media sure sound a whole lot like an alt-right podcast right now.
NPR – Hungary passes ‘Stop Soros’ laws, bans aid to undocumented immigrants.
ProPublica – DeVos has scuttled more than 1,200 civil rights probes inherited from Obama.
CBS News – 3 men face hate crime charges in Minn. mosque bombing.
The Oregonian – Oregon DMV employee’s purported Facebook post suggests shooting immigrants at the U.S. border.
The Atlantic – Trump’s GOP chooses racial animus over family values.
The Outline – There are still 1,728 Confederate symbols on display in the U.S.
The Daily Beast – The rise of racist porn.
ABC News – The worst crime against the gay community you’ve never heard of — until now.