Headlines — 6/17/18

Virginia Republicans nominate an alt-right hero to run for Senate, another co-host of This Hour Has 88 Minutes is unmasked, Lauren Southern praises a whites-only ethnostate, and more.

Vice – This is the man who ran Canada’s biggest neo-Nazi podcast.
Think Progress
– Immigration judge says woman’s forced labor was ‘material support’ for terrorists.
Media Matters – Rep. Steve King’s anti-immigrant page cites a white nationalist website.
HuffPost – Rep. Steve King says he didn’t realize he retweeted a Nazi propagandist.
Right Wing Watch – Lauren Southern praises white-only ethnostate, jokes that people are offended by its lack of crime.
them. – Trans women and the police: Cairo, Amman, London, San Francisco.
Rewire.News – Sessions’ decision will move asylum law decades backward.
Reason – Abolish ICE now.
The Outline – The ‘fathers’ rights’ law firm behind MensRights.com.
Vox – Corey Stewart, the neo-Confederate Republican running for Senate in Virginia, explained.
The Verge – White nationalist Jared Taylor can sue Twitter for banning him, judge rules.
Southern Poverty Law Center – The biggest lie in the white supremacy handbook: Unraveling the truth about ‘black-on-white crime.’