Faith Goldy Defends The ’14 Words,’ And Claims There Is Systemic Racism Against White Canadians

White nationalist activist Faith Goldy was all set to speak at Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) in Ontario when someone pulled the fire alarm, ending it before she could utter a word. Goldy said her talk would’ve focused on the so-called “ethnocide” against white people.

But it wasn’t a total wash, as the ex-Rebel Media star briefly disrupted an anti-racist lecture, and filmed herself being escorted off campus.

After all, Goldy is a professional victim. And the sight of her nearly reduced to tears while asking viewers to “envision for a second if it was two or three black kids that were leaving a university” while white people yelled “get the bleep out of here” was meant to galvanize her racist fans.

On Red Ice TV Faith Goldy told Lana Lokteff the incident was a “giant red pill” for many white people, waking them up to the anti-white hatred inherent in the system.

“And you know they talk about systemic racism, but let’s consider the facts,” she said. “I live in a country where systemic racism does exist but it is against white people, and I mean that quite seriously. We have an institution of higher learning here — that’s part of the system. We saw racism in there — to the point where they’re actually bringing speakers to talk about how it’s okay to be against whiteness.”

“I live in a country,” she continued, “where there’s affirmative action programs and scholarships for every race, every ethnic group except for white people. I live in a country where — I mean the list goes on and on. Hiring practices, I mean it’s okay to have hiring practices for every single part of the oppression Olympics rung except for white people.”

One of the reasons Goldy is rightfully denounced as a white supremacist is that, last year in a discussion with an alt-right vlogger, she recited the infamous “14 Words”: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

Penned by Neo-Nazi terrorist David Lane (1938-2007), the “14 Words” were so influential that the number 14 was adopted as white supremacist code. Racists often pair the number 14 with 88 — which can either signify the phrase “Heil Hitler” or Lane’s “88 Precepts.”

With regard to Lane, Goldy played dumb, claiming she doesn’t “know anything about him” and “never bothered to look into him.” “But,” she said, “on its face value, the ’14 Words’ — I mean, supplant ‘white children’ with ‘black children,’ with ‘indigenous children,’ with ‘Chinese children,’ and people would not give a damn about it.”

And she complained that it’s “only when European-Canadians, it’s only when European peoples, when white people decide to basically wake up to their own identity,” and decide they don’t want to be “replaced” in their “homelands” that “identity politics” are no longer allowed.

And she naturally attempted to couch her bigotry in “facts” and “reality” — at least as she views them. “I didn’t wake up and like, ‘Ugh, I’m gonna start talking about ethnonationalism and white identity,'” she told Lokteff.

“No, I was like, ‘Holy smokes, these are the facts, this is the reality’ — I am a realist, at the end of the day I deal in reality, I don’t deal in critical race theory feminism B.S., okay?”

She also praised race-baiting Hungarian strongman Viktor Orbán for his decision to wall off his country’s borders. Goldy called Orbán the “most red pilled, strongest, greatest man to be walking the planet right now,” and credited him with saving Hungary from migrants.

“And guess what happens? He builds a fence and luckily the people of Hungary right now don’t have to wake up every day to new headlines about rape epidemics and attacks on their churches and their markets, etc.”

To top it all off Goldy played up the white victim angle again, decrying the fact that people have accurately called her a “racist” and a “white supremacist” — words that she hilariously called terms of “oppression.”

“‘Racist’ is a term which I’ll say right now, and I hope that others go on to quote me for this, ‘racist’ as a white or a European person is not a term you should ever subscribe to,” she fumed.

“It is a term of oppression, and it is used to pathologize a very healthy and natural instinct within people. And that is self-preservation. That is the advocacy of their own natural interest. Every other group does it! And just when we do it, does not mean that that gives license to people to call us a racist.”