White Nationalists Explain How Cuckoldry Destroys Families And America

On yesterday’s episode of Reality Calls, Tara McCarthy invited on several guests to talk about the most important issue facing white people today: cuckolding. It seems their feathers were ruffled by a CNN article on the obscure fetish, entitled “Cuckolding can be positive for some couples, study says.”

British Neo-Nazi Mark Collett railed against the little-known kink that the alt-right ironically made more people aware of. Collett explained that men have historically treated women “to a degree as their possession” — something he views as normal — and fought for them.

“You see that with stags, you see that all through the animal kingdom,” he said. “You know, the courtship process is often males fighting for the attention of that one perfect female, and the strong, hardy male takes that female and then he has the right to mate with her.” You know, just like with humans.

Denouncing cuckolding in weirdly pornographic terms, Collett said that men are really fighting for “womb space,” and that for a man to “give up his woman” and “rent her womb out to another man” is the “ultimate form of weakness.”

And he lamented that men have gone from being “strong, masculine, [and] authoritarian” to “weak, feminized, strange, odd, unmasculine” beings. “But this is the ultimate evolution of that, where they give up everything they fight for and hand it over to another man, giving up that womb space, and letting another man plant his seed in his woman — it’s so perverse and sickening.”

Bre Faucheux chalked up the existence of cuckoldry to their “enemies” who “don’t want strong family units.” And she claimed that it undermines a country’s national defense because, as she put it, “[A] man is not gonna go to war for a woman who has cuckolded him, and is gonna go to bed with other men — particularly men of another race.”

Mike Peinovich chimed in to call it an “attack on the family” and an “attack on the nation.” He claimed that:

[T]here’s a racial aspect to this. There’s a clear racial overtone to the cuckoldry which is that it’s a black man that is having sex with a weak, kind of soyboy-type white man’s wife. And he’s giving her the pleasure that this soyboy never could, and there’s this aspect of humiliation. And it’s really sick, perverted stuff. But then it gets into — it can also be seen as this metaphor for what’s happening generally to our society where we are just giving up our birthright — like giving up the womb of your wife is like also giving up your country in a way.

Which is essentially the definition of the “cuckservative” slur popularized in 2015 by the alt-right. But all this talk of cuckolding and “womb space” and “letting another man plant his seed in his woman” does raise an important question: What’s with white nationalists’ obsession with this stuff?