Headlines — 1/24/18

UK mosque attacker had contact with extremist groups, a man was charged for threatening to murder CNN employees, ‘New Right’ trolls hold their ‘Night For Freedom’ event, and more.

Vice – Far-right propaganda ‘brainwashed’ alleged mosque attacker, UK murder trial hears.
The Huffington Post – National Council of Canadian Muslims asks for a day of remembrance for mosque shooting.
Media Matters – Man charged for allegedly threatening a mass shooting at ‘fake news’ CNN.
Rewire – Trump-Pence administration’s neocolonial assault on reproductive freedom is is killing African women and girls.
Think Progress – The truth about the missing text message ‘scandal’ that Trump supporters can’t stop talking about.
The Intercept – Charges dropped against 129 Trump inauguration protesters — but dozens still face prison.
Right Wing Watch – At ‘A Night For Freedom’ the ‘New Right’ searches for its place in ‘party’ politics.
Hornet – Police stopped this Neo-Nazi’s machete attack at a gay bar after he shared his plans on Facebook.
Salon – Trump’s voter fraud commission flagged Texans with Hispanic surnames.