Grandpa Lampshade: White People Should Hope For A Right-Wing Authoritarian Government

On yesterday’s episode of his Thoughts of the Day podcast, the pseudonymous Grandpa Lampshade predicted that Western countries will soon be ruled by authoritarian governments, whether we like it or not.

Lampshade said that people are starting to become “more open” authoritarian rule in order to fix their countries’ problems — such as the presence of immigrants. On the other hand, he remarked that Jews have discovered an all new love of muh Constitution” and of democracy.

“That’s right, all of the sudden the Jews now — the Jews — who have been so instrumental in shatting all over the Constitution have now suddenly discovered they love muh Constitution,” he said mockingly.

Which led him to predict that, given our current trends, people will soon opt for authoritarian governments in Europe and North America. One sign of this trend was the election of Donald Trump — and presumably the increasing successes of far-right parties in Europe.

However, while he suggested that this is a step in the right direction, he claimed that it “was not the end of what we’re doing here.”

“This is what is coming,” Lampshade continued, “and all your Western nations — be it America, Britain, France, Germany, you name it — you will wind up with an authoritarian government. The only question is will it be a left-wing Marxist one or will it be a right-wing one? And trust me, if you are a white person living in these nations, you’re gonna be better off under a right-wing authoritarian government.”

Lampshade is, of course, making this observation on the heels of an ominous far-right rally in Poland. In November, 60,000 nationalist protesters — some with banners that read “Clean Blood” and “Europe Will Be White” — marched on Warsaw. And prior to that, a nationalist party won seats in Germany’s parliament for the first time in 60 years.

Lampshade once again promised listeners that they “are going to get an authoritarian type government,” and said the only question is whether they’re “getting a Marxist, Left authoritarian government ultimately controlled by Jews,” or a “right-wing authoritarian government” which will be run by and for white people.

And, like all people who fetishize authoritarian leaders, Lampshade dismisses atrocities under right-wing regimes as insignificant compared to the “millions” who died under left-wing ones.

And what of the thousands of people murdered by tyrannical right-wing governments? According to Lampshade, “out of those thousands that died, let’s be honest, a fairly good portion of them deserve it.” (I know the death toll would be in the millions, not thousands, but this is a Holocaust denier after all.)

Thus, the people exterminated and “disappeared” by Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Francisco Franco, Augusto Pinochet, Jorge Rafael Videla are just a small price to pay for a white ethno-state. And this is the same movement that glorifies mass murderers in memes about Auschwitz and “helicopter rides.”

But it’s like Grandpa Lampshade said, the election of Trump was never supposed to be “the end of what we’re doing here.” Their real end game will carry a substantial body count.