Ayla Stewart Declares ‘Home Alone’ The ‘Official Christmas Movie Of The Alt-Right’

Last night the folks at Red Ice TV celebrated Christmas with a special livestream episode. One of the guests, Ayla Stewart (a.k.a. Wife With a Purpose), talked Christmas movies and traditions with hosts Henrik Palmgren and Lana Lokteff.

And, in a bid to destroy childhoods everywhere, the white nationalist mother of six declared Home Alone to be the “official Christmas movie of the alt-right.”

After celebrating the overwhelming whiteness of Hallmark Christmas movies, Lokteff asked Stewart if she watches any films during the holidays.

Stewart revealed that she’s “always plugging Home Alone,” which she called “the most implicitly white, American movie ever made.” She even went so far as to suggest it be known as the “official Christmas movie of the alt-right.”

According to Stewart, the 1990 John Hughes classic should receive this dubious honor because it focuses on a traditional, white, Christian family instead of materialism. “It’s really wholesome,” she said.

“But what is really amazing is that the way Kevin — the little boy’s — the way he sees the burglars. And he actually says at one point — he runs to his house and he throws his hands back against the door and he says, ‘This is my home and I have to defend it!’ It’s very nationalist. It’s incredible.”

“The official movie of the alt-right,” said Lokteff in agreement. And Palmgren even gave his interpretation of the movie, calling it a “metaphor” with Kevin’s absentee parents standing in for the “older generations.”

“And the kid has to defend the home to a certain extent — he’s fatherless, motherless at this point,” he added. “But he needs to reunify with those aspects, the patriotic, maternal kind of aspects, right? That’s a good point. I like that.”