Amateur Anthropologist Tara McCarthy Calls Black People A Different ‘Subspecies’

In a September 4, 2017 video, British white nationalist Tara McCarthy attempted to persuade her audience that black people are a separate “subspecies.” And, like other alt-righters, McCarthy’s “hate facts” are culled from a variety of disparate sources that don’t exactly prove her point.

McCarthy argued that “some Central Africans…actually hybridized, they mated 35,000 years ago…with another species that split off from a common ancestor 700,000 years ago within Africa.” Therefore, she claimed, whites “could arguably be considered a different species” from black people.

She alleged that she’s spoken to a “few different scientists” about this possibility, and that they “tend to just kind of silently give a nod of the head without actually saying it because it’s so unpolitically [sic] correct.” And in case you were wondering, no, she doesn’t name any of these scientists. Probably because they’re imaginary or don’t have the appropriate credentials.

Because if she did speak to anyone with knowledge on the subject, she would know that “races” within Homo sapien sapiens are not considered to be “subspecies.” Dr. Robert Sussman (1941-2016) pointed out that modern humans have only been around for roughly 200,000 years — in other words, not long enough to separate and develop into different subspecies.

He also noted that geneticists measure population differentiation with something called a fixation index (or FST) score. This score ranges from 0 to 1 with 1 being a “completely different species.”

“For geneticists, a mammalian population would have to have a score of 0.30 to be considered a true subspecies or races,” said Dr. Sussman. “Different coyotes have a score of 0.40, and chimpanzee populations have a score of around 0.70 in the measurement of population genetic differentiation. Humans only have a score of 0.156.”

Nevertheless, McCarthy claims her belief is “totally established” and “published in very well-recognized scientific journals.”

Yet her evidence for this is includes an abstract of a 2010 paper published in Medical Hypotheses — a medical journal whose lack of a peer review process at that time led to the publication of papers on AIDS denialism — and a paper that made no mention of different “races” being different “subspecies.”

What a lot of people don’t realize — and this came out more recently — is that some Central Africans — and this is where the black slaves were taken from in West Africa — they actually hybridized, they mated 35,000 years ago, they mated with another species that split off from a common ancestor 700,000 years ago within Africa.

So — and honestly this other species looks like a hairless gorilla that can walk on its hind legs, basically. So, just to be frank, I mean, they hybridized with a completely different species to what we hybridized with.

So, arguably, you know, we could arguably be considered different species. This is not to mention the amount of separate evolution that we’ve gone through individually away from them. But we are definitely, by any standard of the imagination, different subspecies. You know, I think that’s perfectly reasonable.

I’ve tried coaxing this out of a few different scientists and they tend to just kind of silently give a nod of the head without actually saying it because it’s so unpolitically [sic] correct, that you just can’t say, “Look, there are different subspecies here.”

But I thought it was particularly funny, there’s this guy on Twitter I’m following, this Chinese guy. And every now and again he tweets, “Chinese women, do not mate with other species. It ruins integrity of Chinese species.”

So I think that the Chinese — and I think there are actually studies showing this, when surveying Chinese anthropologists and things — the Chinese certainly recognize the genetic reality of race. Race is literally just a euphemism for a scientific term: subspecies.

So yes we are multiple different subspecies. And some of the subspecies are further away from each other genetically than others. And we can definitely say there is a bigger gap between Sub-Saharan Africans and any non-African population than between any non-African populations.

For example, Chinese and Europeans are actually far, far more similar genetically than Europeans and Sub-Saharan Africans or Chinese and Sub-Saharan Africans. So Sub-Saharan Africans are really the most separate group genetically from all other humans, and that’s probably because they didn’t interbreed with the same Neanderthals that we interbred with, and they actually interbred with a completely different hominid species that doesn’t even have a name yet.

The number’s I’ve mentioned are completely solid, and in the papers which is that 35,000 years ago, Central Sub-Saharan Africans interbred with another species, with a hominid species that split off from a common ancestor 700,000 years ago. So just to put that in perspective, that’s shortly after we first learned how to use fire.

Okay. So yeah, this is totally established. And it’s published in very well-recognized scientific journals.