Eric Striker And Emily Youcis Mock ‘St. Heather’ Heyer And Accuse Her Mother Of Murder

On the first episode of Fascism Now! — the newest addition to The Right Stuff’s growing collection of podcasts with lame parody titles — host and Daily Stormer contributor Eric Striker accused civil liberties organizations of selectively defending the First Amendment.

He complained about the resolution condemning violent white supremacist hate groups that Trump recently signed. Striker said that the resolution “forc[ed] Donald Trump to condemn” the Unite the Right participants “for the 2000th time,” and claimed that “videos are coming out now that [Heather Heyer] might not even have been hit by the car” driven by James Fields Jr.

“This is the way that they’re using this event as an excuse, as an alibi, to shut down a growing protest movement that is defying the neoliberal order, and the world that the Jews of Silicon Valley, the Jews of our business establishment and the unelected elites seek to build and preserve,” Striker said.

And he noted that very few people are standing up for Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin now that domain registrar after domain registrar has blocked The Daily Stormer. (Last I checked Anglin was using .is, a top-level domain used in Iceland.) “This is happening, people,” he assured his listeners, “And it’s happened before.”

Striker connected the supposed persecution of reviled organizations like the German American Bund and figures like Father Charles Coughlin — a paranoid, anti-Semitic demagogue — to today’s blacklisting of online hate groups. He said that groups like the ACLU and “left-wing publications like The Nation” were “very active in the 1920s” in defending the First Amendment rights of accused Communists.

“But when it came to the civil liberties of nationalists or even populists, like Charles Coughlin or the German American Bund, the ACLU was nowhere in sight. In fact they supported a lot of the measures taken by the government — unconstitutional measures — because they believed these individuals to be a threat to Jews.”

It should be pointed out that the ACLU filed suit against the city of Charlottesville to allow white nationalists to put on their (ultimately disastrous) Unite the Right rally last month. Because, contrary to Striker’s beliefs, the ACLU constantly fights for the right of hateful people with no redeeming qualities to speak their minds.

Striker then interviewed his guest, indie animator-turned-Neo-Nazi Emily Youcis. Youcis, who slowly evolved from a run-of-the-mill conspiracy theorist into an outspoken white supremacist, was fired from her job as a junk food vendor last year after her racist views became public knowledge.

Recently Youcis was banned from Twitter, allegedly over a ghoulish joke she made about murder victim Heather Heyer that included a photo of her lifeless body. Since then she’s moved to GAB, an alt-right-friendly Twitter clone created by Trump fan Andrew Torba.

Both Striker and Youcis subscribe to the theory that Heather Heyer was never struck by Fields’ vehicle on August 12, but rather died of a sudden heart attack that has been largely covered up by the mainstream media. “Well that’s the thing, they confirmed it was a heart attack, she died from being fat,” Youcis said, “and this fatass mom rallying for sympathy points is the murderer.”

Yes, a Neo-Nazi is trying to smear the mother of a woman murdered by a fellow Neo-Nazi. And how exactly is Heyer’s mother a “murderer”? Because, she claimed, Heyer’s mother “stuffed” her daughter “from one year’s old with soda, chips, poison, overfed that poor little girl — she could’ve been a beautiful white girl if this wouldn’t have happened — and she murdered her.”

After this bit of tortured logic, Striker mocked Heyer as “St. Heather,” called her the product of a “modern Weimerican broken family, broken home” and accused her mother of “exploiting” her murder. Youcis, meanwhile, played the victim card, insisting that she’s actually trying to help “fat” people by laughing at their deaths.

“We are looking out for these people, we’re trying to bring awareness to the problem of food addiction, and they’re persecuting us for it. It’s a travesty,” she whined.