Mike Peinovich Is ‘Not Defending Trump Ever Again’ Following Attack On Syria

In the aftermath of last night’s unilateral military strike against Syria, Donald Trump’s rabid “America first!” crowd immediately revolted. Notable alt-right figures from Richard Spencer to Tara McCarthy to Ricky Vaughn protested, pointing out that such a bombing in no way furthers American interests.

Some used the hashtag #NoMoreJewishWars — a nod to the classic conspiracy theory that Jews are capable of pushing whole nations to war.

At The Right Stuff, Jesse Dunstan and Mike Peinovich went on long-winded Twitter rants warning Trump not to take action and calling the chemical attack on Syrian civilians a hoax. And during last night’s episode of The Daily Shoah, the shit really hit the fan when the pair learned that bombing had commenced two hours into the show.

“Holy shit,” Dunstan said upon hearing the news. “Trump launches military strike against Syria.” “Are you fucking kidding me?!” exclaimed Peinovich as his co-host turned up the volume on a live CNN report.

“Yeah, fuck this, fuck this,” Peinovich continued. “It’s over. Fuck it. Fuck all of it. I don’t care. I don’t give a fuck. I’m not defending Trump ever again. It’s fuckin’ over. It’s fuckin’ over. It’s over. Fuck it.”

While he still held out hope that the U.S. would avoid a “boots on the ground” scenario, he nonetheless felt betrayed by Trump, who criticized President Obama’s “red line” policy on Syria and vowed to avoid costly foreign wars. He began ranting about his belief that the chemical attack was faked and said he was “ready to start throwin’ shit” out of frustration.

“What fuckin’ world did I wake up to yesterday?” asked Dunstan incredulously. “This is fucking clown world,” replied Peinovich before calling Trump “the biggest chump,  asshole, idiot, tool, fuckhead” for having launched missiles based on a “bullshit, staged video” of a “fake gas attack.”

The pièce de résistance, of course, was when the exasperated alt-right troll called President Trump a “Jew puppet.” I wonder if this means Dunstan and Peinovich are tired of winning?