#NoMoreJewishWars: The Alt-Right Turns On Trump Over Syrian Bombing

[Note: I began work on this article prior to President Trump’s military strike against Syria.]

News just broke that the U.S. launched between 50 and 60 Tomahawk missiles at Syria in retaliation for the recent sarin gas attack in the Idlib province on Tuesday.

Prior to the most significant military action of Trump’s presidency, his legions of alt-right fans were already warning the “God Emperor” against taking action. In their view, any wars in the Middle East are done for the benefit of Israel and Jews in general.

In an effort to convince Trump to uphold his pledge to keep “America First,” they briefly got the hashtags #SyriaHoax and #NoMoreJewishWars trending. Well, it turns out that the Pentagon is impervious to meme magic, and his white nationalist supporters are furious.

4chan’s /pol/ is already thick with buyer’s remorse. In a comment thread simply titled “IT BEGINS,” anonymous users blasted the President for breaking his promise to stay out of Middle Eastern entanglements. “Nice. More refugees. Thanks faggot kike US,” complained one. “WHAT THE FUCK. HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE /OURGUY/,” declared another. Several just spammed the phrase “it’s over” in all caps.


Mike Peinovich, founder of The Right Stuff, wrote on Twitter that “it’s over” if Trump “falls for obvious Jewish tricks and invades Syria.” “The alt-right will turn against him,” he warned.

He claimed that a war against Syria “would be a direct stab in the back to Trump’s base and reversal of his campaign promises”:

And he cautioned Trump against “betray[ing] the only truly loyal base” the President has — you know, the trolls with Pepe avatars:

When it became clear that Trump would, in fact, retaliate, Peinovich (hilariously) denounced him as a “fraud” and a “Jewish puppet”:

He continued, stating that Trump’s approval ratings would reach “zero” over his “absolutely retarded Syria policy”:

Richard Spencer essentially accused Trump of doing Israel’s bidding, writing that he doesn’t “understand any justification for a war against Syria” but that “Israel wants to overthrow stable regimes in the region as potential threats”:

Spencer’s wife, meanwhile, went full chemical attack truther:

Tara McCarthy, the host of The Reality Calls Show and co-host of Virtue of the West, had the nerve to defend the alt-right as being against the needless shedding of blood. That is, at least until they ethnically cleanse the U.S. to build their ethnostate:

And it’s a false flag, too, I guess:

Radio 3Fourteen‘s Lana Lokteff maintained that there was no proof that Syrian civilians were murdered by sarin gas — except the autopsies I suppose:

Occidental Dissent’s Brad Griffin was similarly upset with the situation. He even posted a helpful online poll for disenchanted Trump fans:

He and other white nationalists hoped Trump would “stand up to all these neocon warmongers braying to attack Syria”:

Twitter personality Baked Alaska demanded Trump put “America First”:

Even the Twitter account for the anti-immigrant website VDARE posted a message against military action:

Other alt-right figures were even more brutal in their assessment of Trump’s actions. One Twitter user complained that the “fact that Trump is even considering” a war against Syria “makes me never want to trust him again”:

Ricky Vaughn, who’s managed to evade his previous Twitter ban, said this marks the “beginning of the end” for Trump:

Jules Strijker asked his followers how alt-right “vets and armed patriots” should respond, with choices ranging from burning all “Make America Great Again” hats to attacking “Jewish targets”:

Adolf Joe Biden asked, “Whatever happened to America first?” “If this happens the ‘fuck trump’ [sic] memes will be the most painful lulz of my life” wrote Louis Toadvine in response:

Alberto Barbosa called for removing Trump from office:

Appalachian Son accused him of “treason”:

Johnny McFashy informed Trump that he should “stand by the goys” who elected him President in the first place, adding that “Whites want #NoMoreJewishWars”:

But by far my favorite is this troll who gave Trump the Happy Merchant treatment:

Wew, lads. Are you sorry yet?

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