Headlines — 4/07/17


Neil Gorsuch is confirmed to the Supreme Court, Ron Paul calls the chemical attack in Syria a “false flag,” The Daily Stormer celebrates Jewish nationalism, and more.

New Republic – Neil Gorsuch has been confirmed, and the Supreme Court will never be the same.
The Economist – The shadow of Enoch Powell looms ever-larger over Britain.
Salon – Federal judge slaps down Jeff Sessions’ attempt to block Department of Justice consent decree for Baltimore police.
Electronic Intifada – How Trump, Brexit play into Netanyahu’s hands.
Media Matters – Media praise Trump for ordering missile attack on Syrian airbase.
Raw Story – Ron Paul says there is ‘zero chance’ Assad is behind the ‘false flag’ chemical attack in Syria.
NY Mag – With Sheriff Joe Arpaio out of office, his notorious ‘Tent City’ jail is shutting down.
Forward – Banner image on Neo-Nazi website highlights Jewish nationalism.
The Huffington Post – Disturbing anti-Semitic voicemail left at Washington University in St. Louis library.