Pool Party’s Closed: A Timeline Of The Right Stuff’s Meltdown

Over the past month, a series of events took place that shocked the alt-right movement. The infighting, betrayals, doxxing, and revelations came to a head on — of all times — Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend. I’ve attempted to construct, for the uninitiated, a breakdown of what happened and based on the evidence available to me. What follows is a timeline culminating in the crippling blow that was dealt to one of the most popular white nationalist websites.

December 16, 2016

The anarchist blog It’s Going Down publishes an article revealing the identity of Ghoul, a prominent member of The Daily Shoah podcast and the alleged Deputy Director of the American Vanguard, a Neo-Nazi organization which made news for its postering campaigns. According to IGD, Ghoul was really Cooper Ward, a twenty-something year-old philosophy student at the University of Nebraska-Omaha. The information was forwarded to IGD by Antifascist Action-Nebraska.

December 26, 2016


Alt-lite personality Mike Cernovich and others are gearing up for their pro-Trump celebration, the “DeploraBall.” Attendees will include Gavin McInnes, Laura Southern, and Roger Stone. One of the headliners, Tim Gionet (a.k.a. “Baked Alaska”), has a series of anti-Semitic tweets highlighted by a writer for New York Magazine. Gionet had used the number 1488 — well known Neo-Nazi slang — and claimed he “was JQ’d long ago.” JQ stands for the “Jewish question,” and being JQ’d means one has come to believe in disproportionate Jewish influence and control. When Cernovich catches wind of the tweets, he privately admonishes Gionet and publicly claims that he would no longer be welcome at the DeploraBall. The backlash over Cernovich’s actions is immediate, with Gionet’s fans calling Cernovich a traitor and a “kike,” as well as mocking his slight speech impediment. Later that night both Cernovich and Gionet attack each other over Periscope broadcasts.

December 28, 2016

Cooper Ward (“Ghoul”)

IGD publishes yet another article on Cooper Ward, whose Twitter account @RisenGhoul was subsequently deleted. The article discussed the connections between Ward’s organization American Vanguard and other white supremacist groups such as Identity Evropa. It also showed correspondence between Ward and the operators of IGD, revealing that Ward volunteered information on American Vanguard operations. In a key portion of the exchange, Ward offers to “leave the podcast [The Daily Shoah] and cut all ties with Alt-Right media” if they retract the article about him.

December 29, 2016

In a Periscope video, Mike Cernovich lashes out at his alt-right critics, and makes a cryptic statement about one particular alt-right figure, whom he refuses to name. Addressing his detractors directly, Cernovich said he “looked up a lot of you.” Cernovich said he didn’t want to “get too gossipy gossipy” but claimed “one of the leaders in the alt-right” — who is both “anonymous” and “morbidly obese” — is “married to a Jewish woman.” “So the same people who are calling me ‘Kikeovich’ and ‘Jew Cernovich’ and everything, the same people attacking me, worship this guy who is morbidly obese and married to a Jewish woman.”

January 6, 2017

Van Robert Bryant II (“Bulbasaur_TRS”) (left) and Jesse Dunstan (“SeventhSon”) (right)

A feud is initiated between The Right Stuff’s password protected forum and members of 8chan’s “politically incorrect” message board, known as /pol/. The anonymous members of /pol/ accused TRS forum members and leadership of “shilling” on their message board — charges which might stem from allegations that TRS members expressed support for right-wing, nationalist Jews. To show they meant business, /pol/ members doxxed Bulbasaur_TRS and SeventhSon. Bulbasaur_TRS had intermittently appeared on The Daily Shoah, but SeventhSon was a mainstay of the podcast. Bulbasaur_TRS, who was revealed to be a corrections officer from Tennessee, deleted his Twitter account and has laid low since the doxxing. SeventhSon continued to maintain a social media presence and even claimed he purchased a shotgun for protection. 8chan members come close to doxxing TRS founder Mike Enoch, but call it off after the TRS forum moderator issues an apology.

January 7, 2017

The blog A Thousand Flowers unmasked prominent Scottish alt-right vlogger Millennial Woes as 34-year-old Colin Robertson of Linlithgow. Although Robertson is not a TRS member, he is influential in white nationalist circles and his doxxing serves as a catalyst for events that transpire later on.

January 9, 2017

millennial-woes-doxxedActing on information published in A Thousand Flowers, the Daily Record — a Scottish tabloid newspaper — publishes an article on Robertson as well. It denounces him as a “vile racist,” and adds that the “jobless ex-student” broadcasts videos in which he “spouts pathetic white ­supremacist views and promotes hatred of black people, Jews and women.” The news spreads to other outlets, including The Daily Mail and Raw Story. Due to the high profile nature of the incident, Robertson’s doxxing seems to galvanize the alt-right, with several well-known white nationalist figures offering Robertson their support as well as attempting to find the identities of the people who leaked his personal information. In a video published to his YouTube channel the same day, Robertson left a brief message claiming he had “left Britain” in order to “avoid further encounters with journalists” and was being “sheltered by fans abroad.”

January 13, 2017

Mike Peinovich (“Mike Enoch”)

An article is posted to the website Medium entitled “Meet Mike Peinovich, the Upper East Side’s Neo-Nazi Media Kingpin.” Written by someone known as “counter countersignal,” it exposes Enoch as a NYC-based web developer whose last reported job was for a company called Pronoun. In addition to the revelation that Enoch had once written libertarian-oriented articles for his own personal blog and the Mises Institute, the post also includes photographs of Enoch and his wife, as well as more sensitive information (e.g., address, phone number, email address). The Medium post is quickly pulled, as it is found to violate the website’s rules. However, the information contained in it is quickly picked up by 8chan members, who dig into the background of Enoch’s wife, and discover that she is Jewish.

January 14, 2017

The news of Enoch’s identity and the background of his wife reverberates across alt-right websites and social media. Enoch, who runs the Twitter account @ThaRightStuff is publicly silent on the matter, save for three tweets decrying the need for white nationalists to “scramble to keep every personal detail secret, while Jewish nationalists can openly flaunt their allegiance.” Meanwhile, episodes of the popular broadcast Fash the Nation are quietly scrubbed from the TRS website, and the official Fash the Nation website is taken down. On Twitter, @LauritzVonGH confirms the podcast had been cancelled.

January 15, 2017

cernovich-tweetEnoch finally releases a statement on the TRS forum. He confirms that he was doxxed and says “an ill advised attempt to fool the media about my identity led me to not talk to you people and to try to simply ride it out by being silent.” He apologizes to his fans, confirms that his wife “is who they say she is,” and instructs his fans not to lie for him or defend his actions. Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute tweets his support for Enoch, while Andrew Anglin finally breaks his silence with an article for The Daily Stormer. Anglin, shocked by this revelation, writes that he’s “not going to attack or defend” Enoch, but lauds Enoch and TRS for “hav[ing] been at the forefront of exposing the Jewish problem.” He also posts a link to Mike Cernovich’s December 29, 2016 video, using it as evidence that “someone from his camp is responsible” for doxxing Enoch. Possibly motivated by the doxxing of Millennial Woes, Enoch, SeventhSon, and Bulbasaur_TRS, the co-hosts of Fash the Nation — Jazzhands McFeels and Marcus Halberstram — deactivate their Twitter accounts. Meanwhile, on GAB and 8chan’s Baphomet board, Enoch’s supporters search for clues as to who leaked Enoch’s information to “counter countersignal,” eventually turning up a screenshot of Mike Cernovich allegedly tweeting out Enoch’s photo and promising to “take this war farther than you are ever prepared to take it.”

January 16, 2017

In a now-deleted video, Neo-Nazi “Fascist Lemming” lambastes former allies who turned against Enoch, claiming that they were destroying everything the alt-right worked so hard to build up. An article for Salon.com describes the Enoch affair, and claims the TRS host decided to quit The Daily Shoah altogether. On Twitter, SeventhSon delivers the following message to TRS fans: “I still don’t know what we’re doing, so I can’t answer anything at this time. There will be audio with my voice tomorrow. What? IDK.” Enoch sends out a single tweet: “This isn’t over.”

January 17, 2017

In an uncharacteristically brief episode of The Daily Shoah, hosts SeventhSon and Alex McNabb address the doxxing controversy sans Mike Enoch. SeventhSon says that Enoch couldn’t appear on the podcast due to the fallout from his doxxing, and claims he and his wife have separated — a claim that is, so far, unsubstantiated. He also said that, contrary to initial reports from The Daily Stormer and Salon.com, Mike Enoch had not resigned from TRS and would continue to host The Daily Shoah. Suffice it to say that while TRS has been wounded, it is still very much alive.

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