ICYMI — 1/19/17

An alt-right blogger claims it’s fine to ostracize Mike Enoch for “race-mixing,” a Right Stuff writer calls abolitionists like John Brown “terrorists,” American Renaissance publishes the stories of its racist readers, and more.

  • Tanstaafl at Age of Treason weighs in on the controversy surrounding Mike Enoch: “The most important point that can be made about the jew [sic] wife thing is that it is a problem. It matters. It isn’t irrational or immoral for Whites to despise and reject race-mixers, as the jews [sic] want us to believe.”
  • James Weidmann praises a white father who refused to help with his daughter’s college tuition because she’s dating a black man: “The number one reason White fathers fear the threat of mudsharking daughters is aesthetics: every parent wants to become a grandparent to grandchildren who resemble them and their family’s esteemed ancestors. Race-mixing across distant genetic ecosystems is the equivalent of dropping a deuce in the family gene pool.”
  • Silas Reynolds of The Right Stuff denounces John Brown as a “terrorist” who led an “army of low IQ jigaboos and race traitors.”
  • Lawrence Murray believes that we are living in the Kali Yuga as described by Julius Evola.