Headlines — 1/16/17

Mike Enoch quits The Right Stuff after his fans learn he has a Jewish wife, Democrats boycott the inauguration after Trump feuds with civil rights icon John Lewis, Breitbart alumni create a nationalist group, and more.

Salon – The alt-right eats its own after doxxers reveal Nazi podcaster Mike Enoch’s wife is Jewish.
Think Progress – Trump’s attack on John Lewis is also a racist smear against black communities.
AlterNet – 9 MLK quotes the mainstream media won’t cite.
Raw Story – CNN’s cop apologist stubbornly ignores science in panel on black man’s arrest for stealing own car.
The Atlantic – Breitbart alumni launch ‘populist-nationalist’ group.
NYMag – After Trump’s feud with John Lewis, more Democratic lawmakers boycott inauguration.
Feministing – Limiting health care access is life or death for marginalized communities.
Jacobin – When the Indians defeat the cowboys.