Random Headlines — Back in Business Edition

Think Progress – Evangelicals are protesting against the ultra-misogynist pastor Mark Driscoll.

The New York Times – Ugandan court strikes down the draconian Anti-Homosexuality Bill declaring that it was illegally passed.

The Raw Story – Police find cache of weapons inside the house of an Ohio judge who brutally beat his wife.

Feministing – Argentina imprisons a woman for having an abortion along with the people who helped her.

Washington Post – Federal judge rules that Alabama’s restrictive abortion law is unconstitutional.

LGBTQ Nation – Utah files appeals its same-sex marriage case to the Supreme Court.

SalonUSA Today attempts to solve campus rape epidemic with nonsense about excessive drinking.

AlterNet – Four reasons why the GOP’s new “war for women” is a complete joke.

We Hunted the Mammoth – A Voice for Men’s attack dog Janet Bloomfield begins lying about Jessica Valenti and Dave Futrelle because why not?

Hatewatch – Man who attempted to burn down a popular Seattle gay bar receives a 10 year prison sentence.

io9 – Comics artist Randy Queen uses DMCA to silence critics of his needlessly sexualized and contorted female characters.

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