Random Headlines — 7/28/2014

The Raw Story – Prominent Scott Brown supporter sends a virulently racist and misogynist email.

Right Wing Watch – Heritage Foundation flunky Ryan Anderson suggests nullification as a response to marriage equality.

xoJane – How one woman is empowering Native American women through self-defense.

The TransAdvocate – Trans exclusive radical feminists (TERFs) are the new Westboro Baptist Church.

New Republic – According to neuroscience men can be just as “maternal” as women.

Salon – Satanists use the Hobby Lobby case to argue for a religious exemption from anti-choice counseling laws.

Washington Post – The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals affirms lower court decision striking down Virginia’s same-sex marriage ban.

Towleroad – In light of the news from Virginia, North Carolina’s attorney general has decided he will no longer defend his state’s marriage ban.

Equality Matters – According to Fox and Friends openly gay football player Michael Sam will be as distracting as dog-torturer Michael Vick. Uh huh.

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