Random Headlines — 8/11/14

Mother Jones – Meet the women of the Men’s Rights Movement.

Salon – Are we stuck with sexist trolls forever?

Jezebel – Gawker Media has a rape GIF problem.

Talking Points Memo – Erick Erickson is utterly shocked that women might take offense to being called “barbies.”

The Raw Story – A Christian college is citing the Hobby Lobby decision in its refusal to provide the “abortion causing” Plan B.

Think Progress – This Pennsylvania bridal shop refuses to serve same-sex couples – and does so completely legally.

New York Civil Liberties Union – Here’s your legal guide to breastfeeding rights in New York.

Pink News – A horrifying “Stone the Gays” Bill is introduced in Kenya.

The Atlantic – Really, so what if older guys watch My Little Pony?

AlterNet – 10 of the worst terror attacks by Christian extremists and far-right white men.