James Hake Uses Haitian Revolution To Fearmonger About Haitian Migrants

Recently several thousand Haitian migrants arrived in the Texas border town of Del Rio in order to seek asylum. Although the migrants’ arrival came after the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse and a powerful earthquake that killed over 2,200, many of them had resided in South America since the 2010 earthquake.

During the Sept. 21, 2021 episode of his YouTube show, The Hake Report, far-right host James Hake took a call from a racist caller who cited the Haitian Revolution — which ended in 1804 — as a reason not to accept Haitian migrants. Hake agreed with the caller, and speculated that the U.S. might look like Haiti by 2050.

The caller, identified as “Mark in Santa Monica,” told Hake that he wanted to “bring up … a little history of who we’re allowing to flood the country.” That “little history” was of the Haitian Revolution, in which the people of Haiti — who had been enslaved and colonized by the French — won their independence.

“Haiti was once referred to as the ‘Jewel of the Caribbean’ when the French ruled — it was a French-ruled island,” the caller complained. “And they brought slaves, which was their downfall, even though slavery is condoned in the Bible. That was a big, big mistake for both Haiti and the U.S.”

The caller referred to Toussaint Louverture, a leader in the Haitian Revolution, as a “savage,” a “butcher,” and a “mass genocidal murderer of white people.” After noting that there is a street named after him in Harlem he said, “So they emulate and worship the worst of their race. The genocidal white-haters are the ones that they support.”

“And the proof of that is the fact that they voted for this witch, [Maxine] Waters, from California,” he added. “They voted for her.” Hake asked if he meant that Haitians voted for Rep. Maxine Waters. “Not Haitians but Negroes,” the caller clarified.

The caller accused the Democrats of “breaking laws” to bring Haitian migrants into the U.S., and called them “uneducated, evil, white-haters.” “And those are the exact same kind of people that Biden, [DHS Secretary] Mayorkas, and [Sen.] Schumer — they want them to flood our neighborhoods,” he told Hake. “It’s revenge on whitey.”

He went on to say that white people are on the verge of becoming a minority, and that the U.S. will have a “white minority government” — which is precisely what “the Left and the colored devils that hate us” want.

Instead of pushing back against the caller’s racist rhetoric — and use of a 217-year-old uprising to smear present-day migrants — Hake thanked him for the “history lesson.” After the call ended, Hake pulled up illustrations of violent acts during the Haitian Revolution, which he said showed “Black guys brutalizing civilized white men and killing them.”

After reading part of a Wikipedia article on the Haitian Revolution, Hake wondered aloud whether this will be “America in 2050 or 2022.”

“Ah, yes, Black-on-white crime is rampant,” he continued. “Look at these [illustrations]. … And it’s an evil world. But they wanna pretend that, oh, the only war criminals are whites. They cut off the head of one of these guys and just shown it. It’s disgusting. Oh well. They can come here, right?”