Angelo John Gage Breaks Down And Blames ‘Jewish Supremacists’ For Twitter Ban

Today far-right activist Angelo John Gage was finally banned from Twitter. Gage is an Iraq War veteran and long-time participant in the white nationalist scene. As noted by the SPLC, in 2012 Gage wrote on Stormfront, a white supremacist forum, that he had just learned of “the real Jewish question and the whole ww2 and hitler truth [sic].”

He also claimed that “EVERYTHING connects and leads back to the jews — the evil jews [sic].”

But while he later abandoned the “white nationalist” label in favor of “ethno-nationalism,” as Right Wing Watch reported in 2019, “it doesn’t appear his worldview has changed much–if at all.” Gage was still actively appearing alongside white nationalists and antisemites on his YouTube channel.

And he was still using his verified Twitter account to spread antisemitic hate.

True to form, after learning of his permanent suspension from Twitter, Gage made a nearly 8 minute video in which he blamed so-called “Jewish supremacists” for the ban. “Hey guys, [I] wanted to make a quick video here to let you all know — and some of you already know — that the Jewish supremacists finally got me on Twitter,” he said.

He then sarcastically applauded them for their “hard work” in “reporting every single tweet” of his, and getting him suspended for “targeted harassment.” Gage claimed that yesterday he began “posting memes and facts that they cannot refute.” An archived copy of his Twitter page as of Jan. 25, 2021 shows multiple antisemitic tweets prior to his suspension.

In one tweet, Gage posted a meme with a picture of industrialist Henry Ford that quoted from his antisemitic newsletter The Dearborn Independent. “Written 99 years ago,” wrote Gage. “How much of this is true today?”

He followed that up with an image of multiple women with blue Stars of David superimposed over their faces. “Who pushed Feminism into our societies, which led to the destruction of our women?” he asked. “Christians? Muslims? Buddhists?” In another he accused Jews of “pretend[ing] to be ‘white’ when they are attacking White people.”

But Gage said that they “didn’t even get me on those tweets,” but rather one in which he said that “an antisemite is somebody the Jews wanna silence or kill.” He added that he wasn’t sure whether or not he’d one day be killed over his criticism of Jews but said “you might as well do it, because I’m never gonna stop.”

He went on to claim that Jews “don’t want unity” and don’t want him talking to people of other races. “They hate me more ’cause now I’m more dangerous ’cause I’m uniting all the Gentiles against their Jewish supremacy,” he said. “So they have to say ‘Get rid of this guy.’ And they did. Finally. So congratulations.”

Gage also vowed to go “full-out war against Zion,” and dedicate his “entire life” to “stop[ping] Jewish supremacy and all supremacy.” Whatever that means.