White Nationalist Stefan Molyneux Blames Somali Americans For Minneapolis Riots

Late last month, popular white nationalist YouTube philosopher Stefan Molyneux weighed in on the protests over the murder of George Floyd. Molyneux scapegoated the city’s Somali American population for the rioting that culminated in the destruction of the 3rd Precinct headquarters of the Minneapolis Police Department.

“Yeah, so this is the scene inside Minneapolis Police 3rd Precinct building,” Molyneux said grimly in a May 29 live-stream as he scrolled through photos of the destruction. “And this is fire and smoke engulfing a liquor store — I guess it’s inflammable, right? So, all of that.”

Molyneux immediately pivoted to making derogatory remarks about Minneapolis’ Somali American community.

“Well it’s funny too because there’s been no official government in Somalia, right?” he said. “So Minnesota is home to the largest population of, I believe, Somalis in America. … And Somalia doesn’t have a police force or a functional government and hasn’t for many years. And it’s interesting how it’s kind of being replicated.”

He then mocked the “magic soil theory that you bring people in from Somalia and suddenly they gain all of the history of Western philosophy, and separation of church and state, and minimal government, and free markets, and Aristotelian logic, and Socratic reasoning.”

Stefan Molyneux has repeatedly expressed the belief that non-whites are, on average, less intelligent than white people and, thus, incapable of maintaining a functioning democracy. He likened the prospect of Somali immigrants gaining an understanding of “Western philosophy” and the like to him “get[ting] shorter” by traveling to Japan.

He also compared Minneapolis in the wake of the riots to Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital — though he was hardly the first racist to do so.

Later in the video he blamed the problems faced by the Black community, in part, on Black criminality. He linked this to IQ scores, the presence of the so-called “warrior gene” which “has been linked to increased aggression,” increased levels of testosterone, fatherlessness, and welfare.

He also went on a tangent in order to blame the existence of the Affordable Care Act on Somali Americans. “The reason why you have Obamacare in America is because the Somalis voted for a leftist congressman who then was the deciding vote for Obamacare,” he explained. “And so that’s why you have Obamacare was because of the Somali vote and so on.”

[The following clips are from an hour and ten minute video.]