Headlines — 6/07/20

An incel blew off his hand while building a bomb to murder cheerleaders, K-Pop fans hijack QAnon hashtags on Twitter, right-wing extremists mobilize over false rumors of antifa threat, and more.

Boston.com – Murder charge upgraded against Derek Chauvin in George Floyd case; three other fired officers charged.
BuzzFeed News – Incel blows off his hand with a bomb planned for “hot cheerleaders”: FBI.
The Guardian – Right-wing vigilantes on armed patrol after fake rumors of antifa threat.
Media Matters – QAnon followers melt down after K-Pop fans take over their hashtags.
The Nation – How to be an antifascist from your couch.
The Daily Beast – GoFundMe suspends Candace Owens after she trashes George Floyd.
VICE News – German Neo-Nazis are getting explosives training at a white supremacist camp in Russia.
The New Republic – The pandemic is the right time to defund the police.
NBC Bay Area – Man fired from Pleasanton company after viral video of assault over racial justice flyers.