White Supremacist Podcasters Think British Media Was Not Racist Enough To ‘Professional Mulatto’ Meghan Markle

During the 282nd episode of Fash the Nation, white supremacist co-hosts James Allsup and Jazzhands McFeels cheered the decision by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, to take a step back from their royal duties.

The hosts also suggested that Jews had matched Harry with Meghan, who is an African-American, in order to undermine the British royal family.

The surprise decision by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry fueled speculation that the cause might have been racist coverage of the pair by British media. BuzzFeed News found that major media outlets shamed Markle for things Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, was praised for.

Allsup and McFeels, however, believe the pair was effectively forced out by the British royal family in part because Prince Harry married a black woman — with Allsup praising Markle’s departure to Canada as “the UK’s first black deportation.”

Allsup noted that the couple was “brought together by a Jewish matchmaker,” and later remarked that Markle “was brought in as a subversive change agent in order to begin diversifying and begin the browning of the royal family.” He added that the royal family’s “immune system acted and expelled her.”

McFeels called Markle “awful” and joked that her father, who is white, married her mother because he was drawn to “antique farm equipment” — a racist term for black slaves. Allsup then said that Markle “is a professional mulatto” — a racist term for a biracial person — “and she has been a professional mulatto for her entire professional career.”

After Allsup quoted from a 2017 Spectator article — which said “seventy years ago, Meghan Markle would have been the kind of woman the Prince would have had for a mistress, not a wife” — McFeels asked, “Where’s the lie though?” He also said Harry would have been ostracized for it, citing the romantic relationship between Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed.

“‘Cause look what they did with Princess Di and — what was his name — Dodo? Dodi?” McFeels said. “I don’t remember. The Arab she was thought to have been sleeping with. I mean that was scandalous all in of itself, but just imagine a blag [black]. But lo and behold here you have blags marrying Harry. At the hands of Jews.”

Turning back to the media coverage of Markle, Allsup claimed that the British press’ coverage “wasn’t that bad,” but that it should have been.

“It didn’t really address the issue with the type of clarity that it should’ve been addressed with,” he said. “I mean, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with the British press asking, ‘What is going on here? Why is our royal family — the royal family of the British nation — being browned like this?'”