Neo-Nazi Podcasters Are Still Frightened By ‘Menacing’ ‘Impossible Burgers’

Last October the hosts of Strike and Mike, a Neo-Nazi podcast on The Right Stuff website, railed against the new plant-based Impossible Burger. Co-hosts Joseph Jordan and Mike Peinovich called the burger a Jewish scheme to turn the U.S. into a “Third World country” and “replace” all industries run by “goys.”

They also called into question whether eating the Impossible Burger was even good for one’s health. And, on the December 30, 2019 episode of Strike and Mike, the pair bizarrely claimed they had been “vindicated.”

“People were laughing at us when we first did that [segment on the Impossible Burger], now the scientists are coming out and saying, yeah, eat this burger [and] you’re gonna grow some titties like Marilyn Manson,” Jordan bragged. Peinovich said they were “totally right about that.”

Jordan’s statement is a reference to a claim that recently began circulating online: that Impossible Burgers contain enough estrogen to give men breasts. But it wasn’t a claim made by “scientists.” The rumor appears to have begun with an article on Tri-State Livestock News — a beef industry publication — by veterinarian James Strangle.

Strangle claimed, for instance, that “an impossible whopper has 18 million times as much estrogen as a regular whopper” and that “six glasses of soy milk per day has enough estrogen to grow boobs on a male.” He said the equivalent would be eating “four impossible whoppers per day.”

This, in turn, was based off of a single 2008 case study of a man who allegedly developed breasts after drinking three quarts of soy milk every day. Of course, as noted by Snopes, using just one case study to “set an empirical threshold for a medical risk is not science but an appeal to fear without context.”

Moreover, the Impossible Burger contains no estrogen. Instead, it contains something called phytoestrogen — a plant estrogen of the isoflavone category that, while similar to the estrogen hormone, “is not capable of producing such strong results” according to Medical Daily.

According to Snopes, the “amount [of phytoestrogen] present in the Impossible Whopper is not out of line with phytoestrogen consumption in regions of the world that regularly consume large amounts of soy (and have done so safely for centuries).” Thus, the billions of people who regularly consume soy products show that the 2008 case is an “outlier.”

Still, that hasn’t stopped far-right wingnuts from parroting the claim that eating the Impossible Burger will cause the development of secondary sex characteristics in men. Take, for instance, this deleted tweet from @DejaRu22 which outright claimed “This burger will make you female.”

Or Jordan, who wrongly said, “You eat three of those [Impossible Whoppers] a day, and you’re gonna grow breasts.”

He went on to say that what was so “menacing” about the Impossible Burger is that “the creator and his Jewish financers that have turned it into a billion dollar company … have outright stated that their goal is to replace meat.” Shocking, I know, that a company wants more consumers.

But Peinovich was frightened that Jewish people might begin forcing Impossible Burgers on non-Jews. “What if the Jews just decide we’re just gonna start, just…this is what you get now at McDonald’s, this is what you get at Wendy’s, this is what you get everywhere else,” he fretted. “They can do that by manipulating the markets a little bit.”

Then things got even weirder, with Jordan declaring that capitalists “have more of an incentive to make everyone a high-estrogen consumer that will never, ever think of raising a hand to a capitalist.” “An obese person can’t chase a banker down,” he reasoned.

At least Jordan was correct about one thing: we really are laughing at you.