Neo-Nazi Podcasters: ‘Impossible Burger’ A Jewish Plot To Turn U.S. Into ‘Third World’ Country

On the October 1, 2019 episode of Strike and Mike — a paywall-only podcast for the flagging white power website The Right Stuff — Neo-Nazi co-hosts Joseph Jordan and Mike Peinovich revealed the greatest scourge of our time: veggie burgers. To hear them tell it, the increasingly popular plant-based “Impossible Burger” is part of a Jewish scheme to destroy white people.

What differentiates the “Impossible Burger” from most vegetarian burger substitutes is its appearance — a color additive called soy leghemoglobin is used to mimic the look of actual meat patties. Several fast food and casual dining restaurants, including Burger King, Red Robin, and Little Caesars, have begun offering menu items from Impossible Foods.

Since at least 2017, white supremacists have obsessed over soy products, falsely linking consumption of it to increased estrogen levels and feminine behavior. Jordan, who now considers himself a journalist and is inexplicably still calling himself “Eric Striker,” took this to a new level by claiming soy-based burgers are part of some ill-defined plot against whites.

The effect of meat consumption on climate change was a motivating factor for Impossible Foods founder and CEO Pat Brown. Jordan, however, told his co-host that the real goal of people like Brown is to “make it impossible for working people to be able to afford meat, make it impossible for working people to drive automobiles, make it impossible for average people to live in an industrial society.”

“They wanna make us into India,” he exclaimed.

Peinovich replied that this is part of a plot to bring down the U.S. to the level of the Global South. “That’s essentially what they’re doing, they’re psychologically preparing white people to be reduced to the level of the Third World, or maybe … everyone turns into a Second World country, so Third Worlders are lifted up and we’re pushed down, and then there’s this mass of undifferentiated laborers that are eating soy burgers and riding around in little putt-putt cars,” he said.

Impossible Foods Antisemitic
An antisemitic meme retweeted by Joseph Jordan. Archived here.

Jordan placed the blame for this squarely on the Jews. He claimed that “Judeo-capitalists, the new breed of hyper-wealthy Judeo-capitalists in the tech industries especially” want to “replace” all industries currently run by “goys.” “They wanna replace them, and the way you replace them is by knocking out their product and replacing it with your own that you own,” he continued.

In a rambling response Peinovich said that Jesse “Sven” Dunstan — one of his co-hosts of his podcast The Daily Shoah — was “outraged” at seeing an Impossible Burger on the menu at a fast food restaurant and was “freaked out” by it because he assumed it was made from “bugs.”

Jordan zeroed in on the fact that Bill Gates and Dustin Moskovitz’s Open Philanthropy Project were early financial backers of Impossible Foods, and once again began railing against the Jewish people.

“[T]these Jews and capitalists like Bill Gates and — Bill Gates is not a Jew but he’s a capitalist and a globalist — and Moskovitz from Facebook and Google — interesting how it’s the tech companies, people that have demonstrated time and time again, these kikes, that they have zero respect for any of our liberties, any of our human rights,” he said angrily.

Later in the episode Peinovich exclaimed, “Oh, you’re not gonna believe this: it’s kosher!” He added that “The Jews are not gonna be eating it. They’re gonna be eating real meat.” Jordan replied that Jews often “lead by example in a degenerate or disgusting or inherently repulsive conspiracy” when trying to force something upon non-Jews, but then take a step back “once they get the ball rolling.”

There is currently no word on whether the Wendy’s breakfast menu, KFC’s Cheeto sandwichBurger King’s tacos, or Hidden Valley Ranch dressing are part of this same insidious plot.