Headlines — 1/06/20

Augustus Invictus is arrested for kidnapping his wife at gunpoint, Republicans celebrate over the assassination of Iranian military leader, ICE detention center captain outed as member of Neo-Nazi forum, and more.

VICE News – ICE detention center captain was on a Neo-Nazi website and wanted to start a white nationalist group.
Media Matters – The risks of Tucker Carlson’s Iran commentary.
The Daily Beast – White supremacist Augustus Invictus kidnapped wife at gunpoint.
Right Wing Watch – Right-wing pundits cheer killing of Iranian military leader.
HuffPost – Trump doubles down on threats to strike Iranian cultural sites.
The New Republic – Republicans want to make white grievance genteel again.
BuzzFeed News – U.S. citizens from Iran were stopped and questioned at the U.S. border while returning from Canada.
The Washington Post – Donald Trump Jr. poses with rifle decorated with a cross used during the Crusades.
Mashable – Republican Congressman tweets a Photoshopped picture of Obama meeting the Iranian president.