Random Headlines — 4/14/14


Think Progress – Nevada Republican Party drops anti-gay and anti-abortion elements from its platform.

Equality Matters – Breitbart Texas launches vicious transphobic attack on a teacher who was fired for being transgender.

The Raw Story – Speaking of Breitbart, their California outlet’s advertising is too sexist for Fox News. Imagine that.

Salon – Lilly Ledbetter castigates the GOP for their stance on equal pay.

The Washington Post – Federal judge rules that Ohio must recognize same-sex marriages performed out of state.

Good As You – Struggling to stay relevant, the National Organization for Marriage will lead a (probably sparsely attended) March for Marriage.

Feministing – Monica Jones, a sex worker activist, shows the consequences of being a trans woman of color in Arizona.

Jezebel – College rankings should reflect how schools handle rape.

Joe. My. God. – Muslim cab drivers would rather walk off the job than drive taxis which carry advertisements for the Gay Games.

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