White Nationalist Jared Taylor Praises Recall Candidate Larry Elder: ‘I’d Vote For Him A Hundred Times If I Could’

In a recent op-ed, The Los Angeles Times columnist Jean Guerrero wrote that California gubernatorial candidate and talk show host Larry Elder has a long history of “casting Black people as unusually crime-prone.” In doing so, Elder relied on “bogus data” from white nationalist Jared Taylor.

During the Aug. 19, 2021 episode of Radio Renaissance, Taylor and his co-host Michael Thompson (a.k.a. “Paul Kersey” of the blog Stuff Black People Don’t Like) reacted to the article by praising Elder’s extremist views and essentially endorsing his candidacy.

After mistakenly suggesting that Elder was running for mayor of Los Angeles, Taylor and Thompson remarked that, while Elder was running for governor, he would nonetheless make a “good mayor of L.A.” or even a “good president.” Taylor then began reading from Guerrero’s article.

Taylor and Thompson paused at various points to claim the statistics cited by Elder — for example, “Blacks, 13% of pop., commit 50% of murders” — are “verifiable” facts. In fact, Thompson said, “It’s actually higher. When you break it down by sex … it would actually be about 6 commit 52.”

At one point Taylor began reading some of Elder’s policy positions, including his opposition to sanctuary laws, citizenship for Dreamers, healthcare for undocumented immigrants, and birthright citizenship. “What a bigot!” he said mockingly.

Thompson interrupted to say that Elder “sounds far better than Arnold Schwarzenegger was [as] governor of California.” Jared Taylor similarly praised Elder’s hardline, anti-immigrant platform. “I’d vote for him a hundred times if I could,” he said enthusiastically.