Steve Franssen Calls For The Mass Killing Of ‘Communists’ During Election Rant

White nationalist vlogger Steve Franssen called on Trump supporters, including retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, to begin killing “communists” during a recent livestream. The outburst was part of a tirade in which Franssen urged President Trump not to concede the election, suggested Jews controlled the media, and claimed that a ban on immigration would “save” the white “race.”

A figurehead of the so-called “groyper” movement, Franssen is one of several white nationalists who once associated with the alt-right movement but who has now attempted to rebrand himself as an “America First” conservative.

In a Dec. 15, 2020 livestream uploaded to his DLive account, Franssen fantasized about a future in which immigration is brought to a halt through “Operation Wetback 2.0” — a reference to a mass deportation program that took place during the Eisenhower administration. Franssen said that the deportation of “tens of millions of illegals” would help “save our race.”

That’s what I want to live in three years from now,” he said. “That’s my positive thinking.” However, he made it clear that this future depends on whether or not Trump stays in office, and whether a successful far-right movement will continue after he’s gone.

Franssen disparaged the idea of solving problems through constitutional means, however. “Yeah, like the Constitution affords us options for if the entire media complex is run by Jewish internationalist bankers, and then the Chinese are literally mailing in ballots from their sophisticated ballot machines,” he said. “Oh the Constitution — oh the Founders really thought of that.”

He also bemoaned the number of politicians and news outlets who called the election for former Vice President Joe Biden, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. “It’s gonna go up the line,” Franssen said, adding, “I wouldn’t be surprised if Ivanka Trump was like ‘Oh, my dad needs to give up. Give up for the aims of international Jewry. Me, Ivanka Trump, the Jewess.'”

Franssen then claimed that the “Founders would be spilling blood” over the results of the presidential election, and continued spreading racist conspiracies about it.

“You think the Founding Fathers would be, they’d be like ‘Oh, Orientals stole the election. Well that makes sense. Let’s allow it to happen’?” he asked. “Oh yeah, Jews were a big thing at the signing of the Constitution. Oh there’s a bunch of Jews here. Like Jew lawyers Jewing us to death.”

Minutes later, Franssen said that if Biden is ultimately inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2021, he will simply tell people that they missed their opportunity to “destroy” leftists and communists. “No, I’m gonna be like we had a chance — we had a chance — to shoot Stalin,” he said. “We had a chance to destroy Joseph Stalin. We had a chance to destroy Alger Hiss. … We had a chance to destroy FDR. And we didn’t take it?”

“Trump is in killing range now,” he said, continuing his rant. “He’s right there with the knife. And he’s in killing range. And he can kill the Satanists. And I’m supposed to dick around and think what the fucking electoral college thinks about this? I don’t give a fuck! I don’t give a fuck what Mike Pence thinks about this!”

Addressing Trump’s supporters directly, Franssen suggested enlisting disgraced retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn to lead them in killing “communists.”

“Kill the communists,” Franssen said. “It’s that simple. We have a general. We have a general who’s willing to kill all the communists, his name is General Flynn. He can be our George Washington. He can kill them all. He can be our Patton. He can kill them all. We have the streets covered. We’ve got the street fighters. … And then we’ve got Trump. We’ve got the man who can close it all out.”

“Let’s go,” he declared. “Let’s fucking go. I don’t care. I don’t care what the electoral college has to say about this and neither should you, quite frankly.”

[The following clips are from a two hour and nineteen minute livestream.]

H/T Left Coast Right Watch