Paul Nehlen Tells David Duke He Wants A Majority White Country

When last we saw congressional candidate Paul Nehlen, he had been banned from Twitter for a full week for tweeting nonsense about how Jews control the media. Yesterday, to erase any doubt about what an anti-Semitic clown he is, Nehlen appeared on Rense Radio Network’s David Duke Show.

The racist, botox-addled ghoul asked Nehlen if it was “evil” for someone to want to preserve America’s white majority.

“No, I don’t think that at all,” Nehlen said. “I think it’s — in fact I think it’s right and righteous to do that. I think that we [white people] have built wonderful civilizations in northern Europe and around the world. And if it weren’t for our leadership, many more people would’ve died over the course of history.”

Duke called this a “great answer,” and said Nehlen has “the support of our people all over the United States.” Duke is, of course, the same man who once said the Jews “are trying to destroy all other cultures…as a survival mechanism,” and are “filled with more hatred and rage for our race, for our heritage, for our blood than perhaps you can imagine.”

Toward the end of the episode — filled with vague talk about fictional “white genocides” occurring across the globe and plans to put soldiers on the U.S.-Mexico border — Nehlen took another swipe at his former Breitbart benefactors.

“Breitbart was a friend of yours, supposedly supportin’ you at first,” said Duke. “What do you think of what Breitbart did, and what does this reveal to you?” Nehlen gave an answer that would make Neo-Nazis everywhere rejoice: “Well it reveals to me that, in fact, Jews control the media.”

Nehlen told Duke that he was reprimanded for going on the podcast Fash the Nation (twice) by Steve Bannon’s assistant, who correctly labeled it a “Neo-Nazi show.” Nehlen disputed this characterization and called the show’s hosts “Trump supporters” — downplaying their white supremacist beliefs.

“So, Bannon disavowed me, Breitbart disavowed me, and Breitbart is run largely by Jewish folks,” he continued. “And they took down all of my writings on Breitbart — so I guess to them it’s okay if you just burn part of the Alexandria Library.”

Duke ended by suggesting Breitbart is actually “controlled opposition,” and asked why “the most important thing to them” is “the interests of the Jewish people.”