Michael Savage Earns Praise From White Supremacists For Unhinged ‘White Genocide’ Rant

On the January 29, 2018 episode of his show The Savage Nation, talk radio host Michael Savage devoted an entire segment to condemning the Democratic Party’s “anti-white” rhetoric. Citing Nancy Pelosi’s criticism of President Trump’s immigration policy as racist, Savage claimed that her comments were a prelude to another Holocaust.

“I couldn’t sleep for two nights now since I heard the racism pouring out of the old witch’s mouth on Friday, which I played on this show,” Savage told his listeners. “‘Make America white again,’ Nancy? One of the richest, most powerful Caucasian women in the world of Italian heritage, who hates her own heritage, who puts down her own race — I know it’s a sensitive thing, isn’t it? Seems every other race is able to promote their race with impunity.”

After imagining for a moment that he was a “person of color” — and said he wouldn’t trust a white person who disparaged his or her own race — Savage connected Pelosi’s statement to an “epidemic of hatred towards Caucasians” which might turn violent:

Did you know that the Holocaust against the Jews actually had its roots in 19th century France? I happen to be a student of the Holocaust, because it didn’t begin in Germany. A French anti-Semite named Édouard Drumont started writing papers against the Jews. That was long before Hitler came along. These were the seeds. There were no actual round-ups of Jews but it started with the hatred of the sort that the colleges and Pelosi and the media are putting out there against white people. It ended up with the deaths of six million Jews. This is not overreacting or being hyperbolic. History tells us that talk like this can result in the deaths of people. Drumont wrote in 1886 in his book La France juive [Jewish France”] that it was the Jews who were responsible for France’s failures and misfortunes since 1870, and that the Jews were hindering the livelihood of honest, hard-working Frenchmen.

To Savage, the anti-Semitism that permeated Europe for centuries — long before even Édouard Drumont and resulted in deadly pogroms — is akin to anti-racist college courses, which Savage calls “anti-white” and which have resulted in zero deaths.

And he predicted that scandalous statements, like calling a racist immigration policy racist, could end in white people being treated as inhumanely as European Jews during WWII. “You don’t think that can happen today?” asked Savage.

He asserted that it was “already happening” because of “rhetoric from Obama and Eric Holder” and other Democrats, which he erroneously connected to the murders of police officers in 2016 and last year’s shooting of Republican congressmen in Alexandria, VA.

“What is it about the idea of being Caucasian in America today that has suddenly become a crime?” he continued.

“How can Nancy Pelosi and the other left-wing fanatics show themselves in a San Francisco opera house, listening to the great works of white men who created these operas, sit like royals in their boxes, enjoying the art of the museums, while at the same time spewing hatred about the people who created this great art, because of their heritage?”

Savage’s race-baiting rhetoric didn’t go unnoticed by the white supremacists at Vandal Void — the website founded by Sacco and Vanzetti Vandal. Sacco wrote a glowing review of the episode, declaring that Savage “devoted his entire show to angrily lashing out against White Genocide like no other national Conservative media figure has yet dared.”

Sacco noted the “real irony” that Savage, a Jew, is “leading the charge against these anti-Whites.” He pondered whether or not this was a sign that “Jews and members of the pro-White movement can be allies,” and whether “some American Jews of European descent could potentially come to have more allegiance for their European heritage than their Jewish identity.”

“What place will the Michael Savages play in the fate of European peoples over the course of the twenty-first century? Can there be such a thing as /Our Jew/? Right now it can be argued that Savage is doing more than any other single American to fight back against the sentiment that is enabling White genocide.”